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Halloween Costume

I managed to finish Harrison’s scary clown suit in time for Halloween. It’s amazing how a costume can change someone so much.  I previously blogged on this here which shows the lekala pattern I downloaded.  When I came home from my night shift at 7am on the morning of Halloween Harrison was fast asleep. I was so excited I had to wake him to show him his costume. Here’s how it went: Mum: ‘trick or treat?’ H: ‘grunt’ Mum:  ‘trick or treat?’ H: ‘mmmm…..treat…..’ I laid his trick or treat bag at the side of his head…. H: ‘turn the lamp on…….’ (Sleepy voice) Lamp on, holding up his costume….. ‘WOW!   MUM, IT’S AMAZING!!!!!’ He was really really really pleased – I don’t think he was that excited when he got his xbox for Christmas!  We had a little photo shoot in the garden before he went out later that night: And one last one……this is my clinical supervisor trying the costume on at work (on the left)……it’s had quite a few comments on FB …

Spooky times ahead

Is anyone making any costumes for Halloween? My 11 year old wants to dress up as a scary clown! Here he is in his new mask & wig – £1 each from the pound shop. Definitely scary!! I’ve bought some black poly satin with various coloured stars on and some luminous green and purple to make ruffles around the neck. He’s so a bit excited, even helped me cut out. I’ve downloaded a pattern from lekala of a ladies jumpsuit: I’m going to omit the buttons and add a zip at the front. I’ve also omitted the pockets. I’m going to add elastic to the arm cuffs and leg bottoms, and a ruffle round the neck. Oh, and hopefully I’ll have enough fabric left to make him a goody bag to take trick or treating. Hopefully I’ll get it finished off on my break at work tonight. ‘Have sewing machine will travel’ ….that’s my motto!