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#sewdowndewsbury 6th March

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the late update on our SewDownDewsbury meetup next Wednesday. We’ll be meeting at our usual spot – Wetherspoons – the area on the right as you go in.  I’ll be there from 9:30.  We usually hang around until about 10:30, before hitting the shops. If you haven’t been to Dewsbury or not sure where Wetherspoons is, there’s a map and photos of landmarks on THIS blog post from our 2017 meet up. There’s lots of cheap parking in Dewsbury (see the map on the link above).  Please don’t park at Fabworks for the day.  One it’s not a big car park, and two your car might get locked in as has nearly happened before!  No names mentioned! If you’re going to be arriving a bit late and need to know where we are, drop me an email ( ) or message me via instagram and I’ll give you my mobile number so you can contact me when you arrive. There will be a pattern and fabric swap if you would …

Sunday Seven ’19 – 3

Keeping up with my weekly Sunday Sevens didn’t last too long, but at least I’m doing better than I did in 2018! There should be a photo here of my friend who I’m giving secret golfing lessons to. But if I post it, it won’t be a secret no more! Hope you’ve all had a productive and happy start to 2019. And those who are able to are watching the Great British Sewing Bee! Catch you all soon, Ali xx

McCalls 6612 – A Nearmiss

Last Monday I woke up wanting to sew. It’s a long time since I woke up with ‘the urge’! I was meeting my crafty friends for lunch and ‘needed’ something new to wear. So after a rummage through my used patterns I decided upon McCalls 6612. A dead easy pattern which I can throw together in an hour or so. It’s actually the first pattern I used when I got back into sewing in 2013, though it took me all day to sew up the first time as I was a bit rusty. I wasn’t 100% happy with it, and it didn’t feel quite right, but I wore it. When I got home after the lunch I had a rethink and decided to finish the sleeves with a band of opposite fabric. I’m a great believer of everything happening for a reason, and here’s proof of that. So thankyou Sewing Gods for my nearmiss and helping me creative something a little bit different which I love. Happy Sewing & Cheerio for now, Thimbers x

“Crafternoon Tee”

Yesterday was our monthly Crafternoon Tee at the golf club. The Crafternoon Tea (or Tee as it’s a play with words – golf tee!)  came about as there’s quite a few of the ladies at the golf club who have gotten back into sewing after catching the bug.  There’s also a few who knit and crochet.  And there’s ladies who I know who don’t play golf who come too. We meet around 11am, (so it not afternoon!) and we are usually good and don’t have cake (so it’s not afternoon tea either!).  But there’s always lots of laughs and we usually wear something we’ve made and really inspire each other. Here’s some pix from yesterday… I did an hours speeding sewing first thing in the morning and made myself a new top to wear, another Mc Calls 6612.  I’m not sure of the patterns of what the rest of the ladies have made but I’ll add them when I find out. Karen wore a wool skirt the’d made: Lorraine modelled Jean’s newly finished hat: Gaynor …

Sunday Sevens ’19 – 1

I’m starting as I mean to go on in 2019. Not sure how long this will last, but I’m hoping to post in a timely fashion, and not getting behind as I hate playing catch up! So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to in the last week…. That’s all for now folks, it’s quite a short post compared to some of my past Sunday Sevens. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’m working in a couple of hours and my weekend starts tomorrow when it’s my Crafternoon Tea at the golf club. An informal getting together from 11am if anyone’s local and fancies joining us. (not the afternoon and lunch not tea, but never mind!). It’s just a minute off J26 of the M62. Cheerio Thimbers

#SewDownDewsbury 2019 & last years pix

Hi Lovelies!  I’m like a bloody bus this week.  No posts for ages, then 3 in quick succession! For the 5th year in a row I’m  organising a meet up (or 2) in Dewsbury for those of you who live far and wide and enjoy some proper Yorkshire Fabric Shopping!   If you’re thinking about coming, no distance is too far. In 2017  Chris came all the way from Germany (her flights were cheaper than Anne’s train fare from Newcastle!!), and last year Sheila spent over 5 hours stood up on a train all the way from South Somerset!  In 2016 Manju came all the way from Carlisle.  In 2015 Corrine came 90 miles from Scarborough, not knowing a soul and not knowing what she was letting herself in for as it was the first Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up. About the meet ups …. They’re very informal, very friendly and very expensive! Only kidding about the expensive bit!  That’s all down to you!  But I’d compare shopping in Dewsbury with like going to Lidl instead …

What I’ve been making during my absence

Vogue 8903 Mc Calls 7542 Burda 6626 Vogue 1449 Vogue 1411 Sexy Lounge Pants! Vogue 8888 Yasmin Yoke skirt by Maria Denmark Vogue 8888 A Huge Granny Square More Crocheting Cushions! Curtains! Teaching Henry to Crochet A Beanbag for my DSLR Fleece drawstring bags Infinity Scarf Stitchin Santa Crocheted things for my bathroom Lastly an alteration I didn’t think I’d been up to much, but now it’s all here on my blog I’ve actually been more productive than I thought!! Cheerio for now Thimbers x

2018 – Sunday Seven Style

Happy New Year!!! Hope you’re feeling well rested and your seams aren’t bursting after the festive period! Let’s hope I can remember how to do this! The format of how I’m doing this has changed but hopefully I’ll have a blog post by the end of the day! To say it’s been a while is an understatement. I only managed 2 blogs posts in the whole of 2018, so instead of writing thread to the needle of what I’ve been up to, in true Sunday Sevens style I’ll give you 2018 in photos. I’ll write a separate post of the few bits and pieces I’ve made, and about the Spoolettes meet up. I’m hoping 2019 will be more productive in the sewing room. I’ve been busy decorating and doing other bits and pieces around my new home, and getting used to living on my own and being a grown up! I’ve made a promise to myself I’ll keep up to my blogging as I have really missed you guys, and am looking forwards to seeing …


Hello!! Here’s just a quickie to let you know about the next Dewsbury Meet Up.  I posted on Instagram a while ago but thought I’d best just add it here too as I know not everyone’s on there.  Apologies if you’re only just finding out and it’s too short notice for you to attend😢. So we’re meeting from 9:30 at Weatherspoons.  I’ve called in the and they are going to reserve the small area immediately on the right so don’t worry if you’re coming alone, you”ll soon see a friendly face. After an hour or so we can hit the shops! I’ll be mainly at Lucky Fashions as they were going to close that day as they have a family wedding.  They were struggling to find someone to open it so I said I’d help out. Once you’ve exhausted your purses we’ll meet up back at Weatherspoons for a bite to eat and a pattern and fabric swap for anyone who wants to join in.  You’ll need to hang on to your own swaps until …