The Yorkshire Spoolettes

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A little Spoolette history and the Yorkshire Spoolettes first year…..

In the Summer of 2013 Clare from Sew Dixie Lou, Nicole from Nicole Needles, Sally from Charity Shop Chic & Amy from Sew Amy Sew created The Spoolettes.

The idea is for like minded sewers to get together, talk sewing, shopping, eating and drinking and generally having a great time.

I’d not seen any meet ups near me so I decided to have one in Dewsbury which isn’t too far away and has some great fabric shops.   I posted it on my blog and before I knew had 15 Yorkshire Spoolettes gathered together on 8th April.  I also got in touch with Clare, a founder Spoolette, and asked if we could join her gang!!

#Spoolette Dewsbury Map

Above is a map of Dewsbury – this helped those who weren’t familiar with the area to find the meeting point and get their bearings.  If you’d like a PDF to download click HERE if you ever fancy having a ride to Dewsbury to check out the shops.  Market Days are Wednesday and Saturdays.  I wouldn’t recommend going on any other day as it will be a bit ghost town ish.

Here is most of us after a day of shopping and before we hit Weatherspoons for much needed refreshments!

Yorkshire Spoolettes 4

So, who went?

Me !!

Rachel from Is it fitting?

Fiona from Seams Straightforward

Hannah from Handmade by Hannah

Jeanie from Love That Sewing

Margaret from The CraftyCreek

Amanda from Sew Deputy

Katrina from Rolling Eyeballs

Neela from Sew Fusion

Corrine from Appleby Makes 

There was also Helen, Hannah, June & Dee who are sewing crazy but don’t have a blog.
Here are the links to blog post about our amazing first Yorkshire Spoolette meet-up – click on the names below to see what they bought and what they thought of Dewsbury!






Nee Bee’s

Click here for the initial shout out blog post for Yorkshire Spoolettes and the Dewsbury meet up!


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  4. Looks fab! I have had a bit of a break from sewing and blogging whilst I had my little boy but I’m just starting up again. Will be following your blog and would love to hear about any future meet ups – I love Fabworks!

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  6. Hi, I’ve been seeing on and off for years, but have only recently discovered blogging!. I love reading about sewing, love talking about it as well as actually sewing! I would love to join the Yorkshire Spoolettes. I’m in the North East but visit my son regularly, he lives in Normanton.

    • Hi Jan, yay! The more the merrier! Have you seen I’ve arranged a meet up for the 6 Feb? You’re welcome to join us. Are you on Instagram? It’s a good way to get involved if you’ve not got a blog. I had a look on your link. We’ve family in tynemouth, and are up there for a family do soon. Gorgeous place to live!
      Lovely to hear from you, Ali 😃

    • I’ve just read your post – tried to email but it got bounced back. I’m in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’m going to the meet-up as an honorary Yorkshire Spoolette. Not sure if you’re going? Would be nice to meet someone who lives so close.

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  10. Hi, I live in North Yorkshire and wondered if I could come along one time please. I am a terrified sewer and really want to extend my skills! Love reading about your day out.

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