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I’m looking for a dressmakers mannequin, on a tight budget. Can anyone recommend one? Or does anyone have one for sale?

Here’s all I can find for less than £50!

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  1. I’ve been reading instructions and watched a couple of YouTube videos on making your own – you need assistance but end up with a perfectly sized dress form. You use duct tape and fill with newspaper and expandable foam.

    • Will check it out, my problem is I’m a full size bigger on top, so think I’ll need an adjustable one. It’s my birthday soon and I’ve been dropping hints..! 😃

  2. I made my own out of some upholstery fabric, a princess seam block and scraps and a memory foam pillow for stuffing. It’s ended up being really good because I could just keep fussing with the padding until it matched my measurements better (I have stupid measurements, the adjustable forms on the market literally wouldn’t do all of them at once), and then it has the added benefit of being squishy like an actual person. I think it cost me $2 for the fabric plus however much Ikea memory foam pillows are.

    • Brilliant idea, I think I may be getting one for my birthday in a couple of weeks. Been dropping hints to my mum, hubby & mum in law so hopefully they’ll all be putting together, fingers crossed!

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