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I must be mad!

Woke up at 5:30 – alarm set for 7, working 8/18 today. Have to make something to wear for tonight!! I’m off to the new Leeds Arena to see a famous Bollywood singer, not sure of his name tho! Being invited by a golfing buddy – she has a box and its a freebie! Taking my mum and one of my best buddies, Martin, too.
Rummaged in my stash (quietly as to not wake my hubby) and found a metre of a gorgeous bright slinky jersey.


I cut out version D of newlook 6648, omitting the gathered waist band, but extending the top the full length of the fabric. Hopefully it will be long enough to wear as a dress! Fingers crossed!

It’s now almost 7am & I need to get ready for work, load my machine into my car and go and save some lives. With a bit of luck I’ll get it done between call outs. Failing that I get a whole 37.5 minutes for my break!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


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