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The Lekala Jersey Top – Part 1

Phew!! Just finished cutting out my first top from Lakale.


I discovered this website yesterday. You tell them your measurements and ‘voila’ they email you a pattern in YOUR size. No adjustments necessary!

The cutting out of the PDF pattern was really simple as the cutting lines were very clear.


When you order your pattern you can choose to include the 1cm seam allowance or not.

I cut out a stripy light weight jersey. I’ve not sewn with stripes before and I think I’ve managed to line up the stripes for the seams. All will be revealed in part 2!

So far it’s taken me 2 hours – cutting out the pattern and the fabric. Anyone’s who’s read my previous blogs will know that that has probably driven me slightly crazy. I like thing to happen super fast and would expect to be wearing my new project after 2 hours.
Hopefully I’ll be wearing it for the school run at 3pm!

Here’s a photo of my cutting out weights:


And another of the mess on my cutting table kitchen floor:


My hubby came home unexpectedly whilst I was in the middle of cutting out. He raised an eyebrow at me, I raised 2 back and he made his own lunch!

Well, best be off. Whilst I’m blogging, I’m not sewing!

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