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Prima 2005 – Vintage!

Here is a top I made from a Prima pattern I found in the loft dated September 2005. Another 2 years and it will be officially vintage! I started it on Monday hoping to wear it for my birthday lunch, but didn’t quite manage it so finished it this morning.

Here’s the original picture, it was supposed to be a top but extended it to cover my bottom and made it tunic length:



I bought the fabric from Topstitch of Brighouse a few weeks ago when I called in during my meal break.


It was £3.99/m, I bought 1.5m because as usual I bought it for no project in particular and I think 1.5m is a good length!

Here’s more of me having a fun photo shoot with my mum in her garden!






Happy Sewing!!

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    • It took me ages before I decided what to make with it. I didn’t want to ‘waste’ it.
      I’m thinking of buying a couple of metres as a given away when I hit 1,000 views!

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