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How come my rotary cutter doesn’t spin round?!?!

On Sunday I treated myself to a rotary cutter and mat, today was the first chance I had to try it out. I decided to make a simple A-line skirt that I’d seen in Sew magazine.
I was all ready with my measurements, fabric, rotary cutter and mat but couldn’t understand why my cutter didn’t rotate. After much googling and watching You Tube I discovered much to my surprise how to use it. It wasn’t like a circular saw after all!!

But, I love it!!! Loads!!!

I made my skirt in an hour and here it is, modelled by Gertrude….





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  1. Nice work! Now that you have started to use it you’ll love it. I love the mat even more though, I now have two I’ve stuck side by side on top off my cutting table, makes a wonderful work area. Happy sewing

    • Thanks, can’t believe how quick it makes cutting out. When I bought it u thought I’d use it for non-dressmaking projects, but now after using it I’m hoping I’ll be able to use it for everything!
      Happy New Year!! 😃

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    • It dies but not on its own, as you apply downward force and push it sling it rotates and cut. I wrongly imagined it would spin round like a circular saw! It works like a pastry or pizza cutter.

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