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Meet Godzilla – a.k.a. Simplicity 2150

A couple of weeks ago I stayed up late to make a start on my latest project Simplicity 2150.  I bought the black furry fabric last year and intended to use it to make the front and collar part of this Vogue 8757 jacket:


I ummed and arh’ed about which other 2 fabric to use and never gotten round to making it.  I loved the black furry fabric and decided to use it to make something more straight forward that would be more useful, so went into town and bought this Simplicity 2150 pattern:


I chose view D (top right).  It was one of the only patterns I could find that suggested a fur fabric and the simple style I thought would be purfect!

I was between sizes so chose the larger size, tho there was no need to as this jacket has 7 inches of ease!!  This sound way too much, but when I’m wearing it it doesn’t feel so big, and it’s the only jacket I have that fits my favourite winter jumper underneath.

When I was cutting out the fabric it was a night mare – I had a major Gorilla malting problem which stuck to socks and rapidly spread over the whole house.  This was one project that had to be done in a few days, as my usually very tolerent husband was loosing his patience as everything was turning black and fluffy.  It’s a wonder it didn’t end up in his food!  I don’t think i’ve ever vacuumed as often!

So, it took 3 days. And I loved making it. I’ve never made a lined jacket before.  The lining!  It’s amazing!

 If I’d have known the inside was going to turn out so well I’d have taken more care inserting the arms. Friends who i’ve shown it to wearing it inside out think it looks great, but they don’t sew and aren’t as picky as me.

Here’s the back:

I’m not sure of the composition of the lining, I think it’s viscose.  It’s really soft and not at all slippy or rustly like normal lining fabric. I used a fine black fabric for the sleeves as I wasn’t sure if the fabric would be shown from the cuffs and thought  if I made the lining black there if I made a mistake it wouldn’t show.

Here’s a close up of the fur. It almost shows the deep pile and how fluffy it is, but it doesn’t show the colour very well as it’s really black in real life.

The instructions and construction were really easy, probably because there weren’t many pieces and no zip or buttons holes (it fastens with hooks and eyes).  The only part I got stuck on, or should I say really stuck on, was stitching the cuffs.

Some of you more seasoned sewers out there might be able to help me out with this.  It said to sew the jacket and lining together round the neck, front and bottom and leave a gap at the bottom.  (managed this no problem)  Then some how pin the cuffs then pull them through the gap at the bottom and stitch.  Sounds simple but I just couldn’t do it.  I googled. I You Tubed. I re-read the instructions.  I read lots of tutorials and eventually I got out a needle and cotten and handstitched!

I love the finished result and have worn it so much.  It’s so light and snuggly and I feel like I’m wrapped in a cosy blanket.

Here’s a quick funny……

Me: “Harrison, Have you seen my Gorilla Jacket? I’ve finished it. Gertrude’s wearing it.”

H: “No, I’ll have a look when I go downstairs……”

comes back up….

H: “Mum, is it real gorilla fur?”

Pricless!!  I really wish I’d have kept a notebook of all the funny things he come’s out with.

Here it is on Gertrude. With it being black it doesn’t photograph too well.

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email - Thimbers.blog@gmail.com


    • Me too! Think I need to make your dress next, but also need to make some trousers for the monthly stitch! βœ‚οΈπŸ˜€βœ‚οΈ

      • Oh! Me too!! Have spotted some gorgeous retro Burda trousers on the NewLook Simplicity website. Really wide legged, I quite fancy them. But never made trousers and I am very short…. Perhaps not a good look!!!

        • Make them with shorter legs then! I’m 5’4 and feel short – lots of these great patterns are for 6ft bean poles!!
          Maybe if you narrowed the legs in proportion to what you need to shorten them – it might give the same look??

          • I think I am 5’3… You win!! There is a pair with less wide legs but they dont look as good as the 6foot model in very wide! But yes, a good plan. I think I may give them a go… For my hols. Who would know?

          • I ordered it! Burda 6966 and some turquoise and pink paisley to make them in! Ha ha! Definitely need wedge sandals!

            • Yup! Really high ones! They’ll make your legs look like they go up to your armpits!
              I had a pattern, the trousers look really cool – bet they look fab in black with a black top to match – it’d look like a catsuit! ! πŸ˜ƒ

              • Oooooo, yes! Good plan! I will look tall and so slim in black! Great plan…..what sort of fabric do you think?

                • I had a cat suit in my younger days, it was black crepe and didn’t need ironing!! It was strappy on top with wide leg pants. Looked very classy! I still have it hung up – I wore it at my engagement party so has sentimental value. Don’t think I’ll ever fit into it again! πŸ˜ƒ

                  • Mmm, crepe would look good and hang nicely wouldn’t it!? I find it hard to throw clothes away with sentimental memories too! A loft full of my children’s clothes! Hehe .

  1. Fabulous! ! I am thinking with the sleeves you would have to have the whole jacket inside out with the right sides together; sew the sleeves at the wrists and then turn jacket right side out; finish by hand sewing the opening at the bottom.

  2. The jacket looks great! I usually sew the fronts and neck with the machine and pull the layers of sleeves inside out to hand sew the sleeve ends together and then push them back through and hand sew the body hems together. Sorry I don’t know of another way! I don’t know how old Harrison is but you could fill a book with the funny things kids say!

    • Thanks!
      Harrison is 11, and he was so serious when he asked. When I’ve worn it he’s told a couple of people it’s not real gorilla fur too! (He must think they might think it is!!) βœ‚οΈπŸ˜€βœ‚οΈ

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  4. Bex Hemington says

    I wanna buy this pattern but I wanted to ask a quick question… are the pieces for D, the one you made, literally like “back” and “front” or is there like a seam inbetween the two making a front, side front, side back and back. I need a really plain simple base to work off but wanted to make sure before I part with monies!

    • There’s a back piece cut on the fold, 2 fronts, 2 sleeves and a collar which is made up of 2 pieces. I didn’t muslin it and afterwards found it to be too big on the shoulders, but it’s ok and I’ve worn it loads.
      Good luck πŸ˜ƒ

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