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The Awful Dressmaker’s Book

Today I’ve spent an hour or 2 rummaging through a friend of a friend’s Mum’s stash.  We came across this book which really made us chuckle:

awful dressmakers book

The book was published in 1967 and there were other books in the series.


Two extracts caught my eye.

The first was instructions on how to change the elastic in your knickers!!  Check out the paragraph underneath too…telling you not to tie knots in the shoulder straps of your slip as it may chafe your armpits!!


The next I thought might be a handy tip for Amanda over at Sew Deputy.  She reckons she’s a wonky sewer, but has made the best trenchcoat you’ll have ever seen.  So Amanda, be sure to have a good read of this next picture and how to rectify those crooked seams!


Can you imagine what people will be thinking in 40 or so years when they’re reading our blogs!!  It’s amazing to think our blogs are keeping such a great record of how things are done now.

Wouldn’t it be fab if we could read them going back in time?

 I wonder what they’d say?

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  1. Hahahaha! Excellent! It’s not just the seams….it the whole finished item! Thanks for thinking of me. Maybe the ‘Dummies Guides to….’ Were based on these books! ??!! Maybe they should be re published! 💝

  2. Fantastic book – I’d be reading it from cover to cover in no time, I reckon! Probably full of sound advice including how to patch up your Liberty Bodice (my mother would know what that is!)

  3. Fiona M says

    I love the line ‘this is so simple bodging should be impossible’. Clearly, the author has never met me! Also love, ‘if you do, (attach hooks & eyes on the wrong side) you could always wear the bra inside out’. Ha!!! What a glorious find, I hope you enjoyedit from cover to cover.

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