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Oh No! I’ve lost a Coco!

First of all, a belated happy new year!
What with holidays in Mexico and a poorly mum-in-law there’s not been much time for sewing or blogging, but I’m back!

I’ve not made any firm resewlutions this year, except I am only going to make things with a definite outfit in mind. I have a wardrobe full of handmade clothes but not too many full outfits.
I’m not carrying on the RTW fast this year but I’m only going to buy things which I can’t make and really need (I’ve bought a waterproof coat today!).


After reading about Tilly recent makes of straight style Coco dresses I decided to make one from some fabric in my stash, and also one for my mum. I need more everyday casual clothes for the cold weather, and thought these would look great with some long boots, and they do!


Only trouble is I prefer my mums, and so does she!


The sleeves are the wrong side of the made fabric, so the tones are perfect. Here’s a close up:


The dress is now safely in my mum’s wardrobe (sob,sob!).

Does anyone else find it difficult to give away their makes?

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  1. I love your mum’s version and I can see why you didn’t want to part with it haha. Like yours too though the print creates a great effect. I’m a very selfish sewist, so most of the time I keep what I make but yes it is a bit hard parting with my makes.

    • She’s given me it back so I can wear it for a lunch tomorrow. Now I’m going to have the torment of giving it away all over again! 😟

  2. I think both prints are great, can see why you wanted to keep it though 🙂 I was inspired to rethink making a longer Coco after Tilly’s recent post too.

  3. Fiona M says

    They’re both lovely! I’ve been avoiding this pattern on principle, but I’m not sure how long I can resist it.

    • These are cocos numbers 6 & 7, and I was a later starter. I’ve definitely had my monies worth out of the pattern, more than most of my others! ✂️😀✂️

  4. Welcome back! Hope you had a fab time. Looks great and the fabric is lovely. I am sure you can wangle it back wjen she isnt looking! Haha 💝

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  6. Haha, I quite often give away my makes, because they don’t fit me anymore, I don’t quite like them for some reason or another, or ? Guess I’m weird that way. I just hope that they are going to a better home, where they can be appreciated! Love your dress, the brownish one in particular!

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  8. Moira Monti says

    really like all the dresses and skirt and chunky knit hat . .I need you to live near me !

    • Haha! Do you remember the ‘playsuit’ you borrowed to go to breakfast in? When I went to Boyes in Brighouse they still had some of the same fabric in. When’s your birthday……..? X

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