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Too Excited To Type

I’ve a parcel on it’s way and I received a text to track it’s progress, so I did.

And then I looked again…..

my sewing space janome 8200 3

I’ve never seen this service before! I’m amazed!

horizon mc 8200

I’ve bought the Horizon Memory Crafty 8200QC , here’s what it says about it on the Janome Website:

With a 280mm (11”) arm space right of the needle and a total arm length of 440mm ( 17” ), this machine is ideal bigger projects and yet is equally suited to precision sewing. It has a built-in AcuFeed system for precise fabric handling and an easy change needle plate to enhance straight stitch performance. The 9mm stitch width gives added creative options whilst the host of special computerised features makes it so easy to use.

Weight – 12kg

Best go unlock the door……it’s just around the corner!!

my sewing space janome 8200

By the way, it’s a year today since I quit smoking and this is a little pressies just for me!!!!

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  1. Happy Quit-erversary! A fab present well deserved. Just as well you weren’t 50 minutes from home when you got the text saying they were 45 minutes away….

  2. Ooooooh, that is a nice present for yourself!!! If you didn’t have the auto thread cutter before you’re going to love it!!!

    • It’s amazing, I thinks that the best bit, and I’ve been practising with the knee lift too. Hopefully there’ll be less threads found all over the house!

      • Hmmm, I’m not so sure about less threads… Fabric loses threads too. Whenever I’m working on a project our house still gets covered in fabric threads. Much to the enjoyment of my boyfriend…

  3. What a well deserving gift! Well done. You must be soooooo excited!
    I would love a programmable needle up/needle down!
    Have fun!

    • Thanks Lucie! I think I’m in love! And the start/stop button too I always thought they were a bit of a gimmick but I’ve used that more than the foot pedal so far.

        • I thought you weren’t so far away when I saw you’d been to the Yorkshire Sculpture museum. I’m arranging a meet up on the 8th April, in sunny Dewsbury as there’s a few Yorkshire bloggers about!! There’s 5 so far confirmed (and hopefully 2 none blogging sewing friends) but I’ve not posted about it yet. Keep it free if you can. We’re going to go to Lucky fabrics and Fabworks. Not sure where to meet up tho as can’t think of any nice cafes to have tea & cake. Any suggestions?

            • Aw, that’s a shame, we’re doing it on a Wednesday with it being market day, otherwise it would be like a ghost town. Will let you know if we plan another. And if you think of anywhere else which would be a good place to meet let me know.

              • Fiona M says

                Yes, I think it’s called the Timepiece? It’s perfectly acceptable as a meeting place and for light refreshments – I’ve only ever been to Dewsbury once, but we went to Lucky Fabrics, then to Weatherspoons for lunch, and themn back to Lucky Fabrics for more fabric!

    • Sure is, I feel like a kid at Christmas, and I’m turning into a recluse in my sewing den….only coming out to refill my coffee cup and use the bathroom!

    Know we’re not gonna hear much from you till you’ve been sewing on this baby for a bit & I don’t blame you – wheeeeeeee!
    And a great idea to celebrate your first year of non-smoking! xxx

    • Promise I won’t hibernate and be a recluse with my new toy! saw my pal the other day who’s friends coming over. He loves anything double chocolate with nuts in! And pumpkins – but there’s none of the around here 😀

      • Double chocey cookies would be perfect for him! Will email you the link. You’ll need those American measuring cups & spoons for ease… as I just discovered with my new scale – yeah!! Will also send along some pumpkin recipes… what we call a quick bread would be good. But can you get canned pumpkin there? Either cooked or uncooked would work, as you’ll be cooking it (baking). xx

            • We can get choc chips – dark, milk and white. But I like chopping up proper chocolate, it’s cheap as chips here. Is it hard to get proper chocolate over your way?

              • There’s a lot of “flavoured” junk without any proper chocolate actually used. Really fine, generally European processed, is more difficult, and can be quite expensive. It’s NOT Hersey’s (a popular favourite, but not in this house). I’m always looking for dark, not sickey-sweet chocolate, and prefer my cocoa without sugar. Perfect for dunking McV’s digestives, which have enough sugar for both for my taste. I’m weird.

  5. Wonderful! Yesterday, I had the same excitation: my new sewing machine Janome DKS100 is delivered by DHL but of course they don’t use this amazing software 🙂 Good luck with your new Janome!

  6. Fiona M says

    Very well done on giving up the evil weed. The lovely new sewing machine is no more than you deserve, happy sewing!. I’ve got the 8900QCP and I’m still getting to grips with her, she’s much more advanced than my previous machine.
    I also love that Predict delivery tracking service, I think DPD and Interlink use it.

    • I’m loving it and it’s only day 2! I had a head start before it arrived cos I downloaded the manual and read it all the night before as I was too excited to sleep!! Think I need to get out more!

  7. Oooooo! Wow! Brilliant! Hahaha, never seen that before on a delivery! But a good addition! Have fun! I am abit late with my post reading this week so am hoping I will soon be seeing a garment you have already made later! Lol

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