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Cowl Neck Casual Top – Lekala 4119

Towards the end of Me Made May I felt I needed more casual tops in my wardrobe.  I found a pattern on Lekala that had mini raglan sleeves which would be quicker than setting in sleeves, and a bit more versatile than sleeveless.

I made it first up in a fine jersey from Lucky Fashions at only £3 per metre.  I never realised before I came to cut it out that I wouldn’t fit both pieces across the width of the fabric.  As the front piece incorporates the sleeves and the cowl it was much wide than I anticipated.  Luckily I’d bought a generously cut 1.5 metres.  Wonder if thats why they call it lucky fashions!!?

The fine jersey was a bit of a nightmare to sew.  It was ok through my machine but the overlocker really didn’t like it.  It was only intended to be a muslin so I wasn’t too bothered.  I left the arms and bottom unhemmed and bodged the neckline.  It’s wearable but not sure what it’ll look like after a few washes.

#lekala4119 lekala 4119

It looks better ironed!  This was a quick pic taken yesterday by H whilst he was still in bed! I’ve also got to remember to breathe in, or wear a slinky vest underneath to prevent it being figure hugging!

I was happy with the fit so confidently cut into some fabric which I’ve had in my stash for some time.  I bought it from John Lewis last February when we were up in Edinburgh.  The stripes are supposed to be horizontal, but due to the width of the front piece the 2 pieces wouldn’t fit.  The fabric is 4 way stretch so I turned the stripes vertically and managed to fit the pieces on.

The fabric has more body than the fine jersey but still has a lovely drape.  I’m really happy with the finished garment and I know I’ll wear it loads through the summer.  It reminds my of a candy shop!

#lekala4119 25

On both versions I omitted the bottom band as the top was plenty long enough without.

#lekala4119 26

#lekala4119 27

On my walk this morning I stopped off at my parents and Dad (who is now the new trainee blog manager) took some pix in his garden.

I took a lot more care in finishing my seams and hems:

#lekala4119 15

#lekala4119 28

#lekala4119 29

I took a lot of photos of each step on finishing the neckline and am planning to write up a tutorial in the next few days.  The lekala instructions are notorious for being rather vague and only called for the neckline to be turned and stitched.  This looks a bit messy for this top (I know – I did it with the grey one), and it doesn’t take much more time to get a nice finish to it and make it look more professional.  I even used a twin needle for the bottom hem for the first time (successfully!).

this would be a nice easy make if anyone’s thinking of joining in Indie Pattern Month over at The Monthly Stitch.



Another 4119 made in October ’15 but doesn’t really warrant a post all to itself! I only had a small remnant of this black and white fabric so the back is plain black and the lower band matches the front.

#lekala4119   310

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  1. Loving the matched chevrons up the shoulders!
    Bet that was a quick make.
    It looks really stylish.

    • Thanks, it was quick once cut out and the machine’s set up – I think that’s the worst bit, but once it’s done everything then seems to happen quite quickly!

  2. I really like this top on you and think I will make a cap sleeved version of the cowl neck top I made recently. It makes it more of a casual, everyday top and I love the pink and white stripes! I’ve not tried Lekala yet, maybe I’ll have another look:)

    • This would probably be a good first try of Lekala – it’s great how they just fit, I’ve only had 1 failure, but I did a quick mock up in an old sheet for that as it was a fitted top so I didn’t waste any good fabric.

  3. This looks a treat – simple sew (depending on fabric 😉) & doesn’t take much yardage! Really appreciate that you made those stripes go up & down. I’ve done that sometimes, too. Funny how ‘going against the grain’ it feels. Why, or why don’t manufacturers make ’em that way in the first place?! (whining loudly) Sorry!

  4. Ah I now totally understand why they call stripey fabric candy striped! Lovely tops, I need to take a leaf out of your book and get some fine jersey 🙂

  5. I quite like the vertical stripes, funny that you don’t really see that orientation often in a garment, I wonder why.

    • I think it must be easier when they’re making the fabric – a bit like when knitting with 2 colours of yarn. It would be easier to set up a machine to work horizontally. I think!!??

  6. I know what you mean about a slight sleeve being more versatile than totally sleeveless. Love the candy-striped version, lovely and cheerful for Summer- if it ever feels like turning up!

    • It only feels right to bear arms on a proper sunny day, and i think we’ve all forgotten what one of those is. Thank goodness for Oslos! It’s supposed to brighten up at the weekend, and I bet it’s gonna be a scorcher cos I’ll be on nights! We’re having torrential downpours at the minute – have you sent them from over the pennines?!

  7. corrineappleby says

    Nice top! I really like how you’ve finished the hems. I look forward to your tutorial as I’m always after tips to sew with knits. 🙂

    • Thanks Corrine, I’m posting it tomorrow – trying to catch up on everything before I’m back at work on Thursday! 🙂

  8. Love it. A great colour on you. Like how you’ve dealt with the edges. Will watch out for your tutorial.

    • Thanks Lucie! Hope you’re new job has gone well this week! Bet the days are flying by, they alway go so quick when you’re doing something new. 🙂

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