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#JeansJanuary -Style Arc Misty Pull On Jeans

Style Arc Misty Pull On Jeans - aka Jeggings!

I thought it was about time I wrote a post about something I’ve made.  Lately it’s all just been about what I’ve been up to in my Sunday Sevens and what I’ve got planned for the 6th February!

Before I waffle on about my new trousers (which are almost jeans), I need to let you into a little secret!!  As Fabworks are now online I asked them if they would like to sponsor a little giveaway/competition on my blog for those of you who won’t be able to come to the Yorkshire Spoolette Meet Up.


And they said YES!!  So it’s not all doom and gloom for those who can’t make it! Watch out for a post all about it soon!

So what’s all this about?  Jeans January?  Last January I rushed out and bought a pair.  Well 2 pairs actually.  They were the first things I bought when my 2014 RTW Fast was over.  And now a year later I’m considering making a pair.

All thanks to Chris over at Said & Done – Handmade my Chris . It started off as just a comment to her blog, a bit like Jumping Into June, and before long there was a few of us agreeing to jump into the world of sewing Jeans.  If you’re thinking of making a pair Chris has a post “My Top Tips for Jeans In January“.  A must read for would jeans sewists!

Last year I bought the Ginger Jeans pattern and also the Misty Pull on Jeans pattern.

I decided for my first foray into parallel top stitching I’d go easy on myself and avoid rivets and front flies and chose to make the pull on style.


Oh, and to cheat even more I chose not to use denim either.  So are they Jeans?  I s’pose not, but they’ve spurred me onto wanting to make some more in denim and also to make some proper jeans.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   337

I didn’t make life so easy in the end as I chose a patterned fabric that could have looked quite disastrous if I hadn’t done some careful pattern matching.

And what was really strange was only having one size at once to be able to print off.  With Style Arc you don’t buy a complete range of sizes.  My hips size is always 1 to 2 sizes smaller than my waist.  I think that sounds better than my waist being 1 to 2 sizes bigger than my hips!  Maybe I should eat less cake!

I opted  for the size 14. My waist was nearer 16 and my hips measured a 12.  As the fabric had a fair amount of lycra content I thought it would be ok.  And the fabric was only about Β£8 so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they didn’t fit.

The cutting took a whole evening.  With a plain fabric I’d have probably done it in around an hour as there weren’t too many pieces, but I spent ages matching the pockets.  I took quite a few pics of how I got it “spot on”.


Mark the whole area of the pocket placement not just the top part.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   331


Choose a piece of fabric that will easily fit the pocket piece onto.  Fold over the top, matching the fold line with the marking of the top of the pocket.  Pin the fold so you don’t loose it!

#Stylearcmistyjeans   333


Using the outline of the pocket as a guide, draw the pocket  outline onto the piece of fabric that you’ve just bent over and pinned.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   330


Use the pattern on the fabric to help you.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   328


Cut out the pocket – but remember you’ve already accounted for the seam allowance on the top edge.  Once cut out you should be able to put it in position and it will be camouflaged!

#Stylearcmistyjeans   329

When I came to press the sides of the pockets I just eyeballed the seam allowances.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   326

Although they were a tiny bit smaller than they should have been the 2 were the same, and they matched, so all was ok.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   325

I even got carried away and did some hand basting.  After all the effort of pattern matching I didn’t want they to move as I was sewing them.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   324

Once all the faffing about with the pockets was over it was down to the nitty gritty of sewing and topstitching.  I could’ve dug out my old machine and had a separate one for sewing and one for topstitching but I didn’t bother.  It wasn’t such a big deal swapping over the top thread, the hard bit was remembering to alter the stitch length!

I machine basted the side seams to check the fit.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   323

All was well so I unpicked, restitched and added the waist band.  And smiled!!  A big beam actually!  I was so pleased with the fit and how they turned out.

Here’s some close up of the finer details of my “Jeans”:

Coin pocket and pocket…….

#Stylearcmistyjeans   319

Other front pocket, and a sneak peak of the mock front fly……

#Stylearcmistyjeans   320

The rear!!  I thought a close up without me in them might be better!  Check out those invisible pockets!   I wish now that I’d have thought to add some dark blue piping as they do disappear when I’m wearing them.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   318

Inner seam…..

#Stylearcmistyjeans   317

Double stitched hem.  I used a single needle everywhere as I’ve not had much success with twin needles. I’d also say the colour on this picture is fairly true to the real colour of the fabric.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   316

And now for some 3D real life photos! Wish this modelling lark would get easier!

#Stylearcmistyjeans   315

I had a bit of a strange thing going on when I first put them on. I think it’s known as a camels hoof or something. Anyway, avert your eyes if you wish, but here is them pulled up. I could have done with cropping off the belly but then it would be hard to see where they were pulled up to.. The elastic is only tight as I’m planning to eat less cake, run more and loose an inch at least.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   336

If I wear them slightly lower, about 1 1/2 inch below my navel then the camel miraculously disappears! Phew! You can just about make out the mock fly too. I’d say this is a great pattern to do before embarking on proper jeans. Especially if you choose a patterned fabric that would hide any wobbly stitching.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   335

Warming my butt in front of the fire!

#Stylearcmistyjeans   311

See what I meant about the pockets not been noticeable? By the way it was freezing outside but I needed to take my jumper off otherwise you’d not have seen the jeans properly.

#Stylearcmistyjeans   313

Thanks Mum for taking the pics!

#Stylearcmistyjeans   312

So that’s it! A tentative dabble into making Jeans.


Love them!! Only draw back is the fabric – they hardly match any of my tops as I don’t have many solid colour ones. The elasticated waist is ingenious. It has you using 2 pieces of elastic which are sewn together to give a strong waist band that doesn’t fall down. I don’t think I’ll make any alterations to the pattern for my next pair. This stretch woven has a lot of lycra in it, but I think a pair in a denim with only 2% lycra would still fit ok as they’re not too tight.

So next stop proper Jeans. But not before I crack on with my Jungle January Sewing! Even if you’re not planning on making any animal print clothes you want to head over to Pretty Grievances blog to read all about it and see her funny captions – she cracks me up!

Here’s one of my favourites (she doesn’t mind us Jungle folk borrowing them!):


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    • You need to come to Yorkshire on the 6th Feb. Only kidding! I didn’t invent the Spoolettes, but I did the Yorkshire ones. there’s info in the page at the top under Yorkshire Spoolettes πŸ˜ƒ

  1. Love these and I understand what you say about the fabric, but nonetheless, I love it. When in high school I made jeans for the first day of school every year…couldn’t afford Sassoons!!

    • That was brave, now we’ve of ot all this online advice to help us make successful jeans. There’s a lot said for having uniforms for school, but did it put you off making jeans when you were a ‘grown up’?

      • Working as a seamstress tailoring, repairing, custom sewing, I hardly felt like making clothes from scratch. I moved onto home decorating and quilting for ‘fun’. I always liked buying second hand clothes and modifying them though. I STILL have that pattern from the early 90’s jeans. Could be fun to make, high waisted with front pleats and all!

        • I had some too, I think we called them ‘pegs’. Not sure why, but we did if they had them pleats. Can’t think they’d be too plastering on me now!!

          • I’m not familiar with that term, pegs. Who knows, they may be back in style before too long! I tried to find the pattern just now to share with you but no luck…it is here somewhere along with the gathered shoulder seam and front ruffled blouse patterns. I did feel so pretty in those clothes!

  2. These are ace and your bum really does look great in them! Well impressed with your pattern matching but it’s almost a shame that the pockets are so well camouflaged after all that work. Such eye catching fabric, too, I love it!

    • Thankyou! Seems strange my bottom getting all this attention! I think if I make something like this again I’ll definitely add some fine contrasting piping to the pockets and drawn attention to my bum a bit more, lol πŸ˜€

    • You really should! I think all the fitting issues that I’ve read about online scared me and I thought they’d be too tricky. I’ve not made many but if you choose a style that’s your favourite in RTW I bet you’d be pleased with the outcome. Go for it!! πŸ˜€

    • Thankyou! A bit cheaper than what you see in the shops though. I’m really wondering now if I should really put myself through the possible trauma of making really ones! πŸ˜€

  3. These look really sharp–nice work! (And also an excellent excuse to make more tops to go with them!)

  4. I love the pattern on that fabric and I’m so impressed that you got your jeans to fit perfectly! I never made a pair because they always seemed so intimidating. Maybe I’ll give it a shot in the future.

    • I’d definitely recommend this pattern if you want to dip your toes into making jeans. It’s a great way to practice top stitching and pockets. The stretch woven fabric also helps with the fit. πŸ˜€

  5. Such a good fit and that pattern matching is so impressive. I never thought I’d say this but having refashioned a dress into a skirt with an elastic waist I’ve decided I’m a bit of an elastic fan!

    • What would we do without elastic?!?! Don’t know about you but i hardly ever tuck anything in so don’t need conventional waistband that don’t allow room for an extra pudding!!

  6. These are great Ali! The fit is perfect, and I think the fabric is pretty (and your matching!). This seems like a very good way to break into making jeans.

    • Thanks Jennie, this pattern really is a good way to dabble with making jeans. Practising making a coin pocket and fancy back pockets. Because of the waist being elastic it’s unlikely that tops will be tucked in so now worries if the stitching’s slightly off. πŸ˜€

  7. Oh, wow! I am so impressed with e-v-e-r-y-thing! Your fabric, fitting, pattern matching, patience… outstanding, ma’am!
    And you even made time to think about us too far away to come over for 6 Feb. festivities. You are waaaay special, Ali! And that ending caption is perfecto!!!
    Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

    • Aw, thanks Del! You’re comments always make me smile. I didn’t rush these and made them over about 10 days which was a nice change. I enjoyed making them and taking my time. Wonder if this is the way forward for me! Hope the snows not hit you too hard, I’ve not seen the news on telly yet. πŸ˜€

      • Lovely that you took your time & enjoyed sewing these! Why not try this process again & see how it goes & what you think?
        Have you heard of the Slow Sewing movement? I think that’s what you’re describing.
        Am grateful to bring you a smile, considering all you do.
        So far this area hasn’t been too bad, but considering they’re not used to snow or sleet or ice much at all, it’s not easy, bless ’em.
        Am quite grateful not to be around DC just now, as they were forecast to receive multiple feet of snow.
        Although weather folk & headline writers have been known to confuse the western mountain area with downtown DC . . . (rueful smile).

  8. These really are fab! Love the fabric. And your bum really does look great! Is there some sewers beautiful bum contest we can nominate you for?

    • Haha! There might be! Wish I had a nice slim waist to match, if I lay flat on my back with my arms outstretched I nearly have!! But them you can’t see my bum! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Ha! ha! Have you tried pilates, that’s great for working tummy muscles as well as helping with posture. Not that I’m implying you have bad posture.

  9. These are FAB! And I too must echo the comment of how great your bum looks in these! That running must be paying off. Completely in love with them.

    • Thanks Lucie! The running is definitely working wonders, and hopefully when the weather picks up I might be able to get out on my bike more. Just need to try and cut down on the cakes! πŸ˜€

  10. mrswhiskerson says

    These are lovely! Look forward to seeing your ginger jeans, it’s a great pattern!

  11. Dee Weaver says

    Lovely fit, Ali, and gorgeous fabric.
    I can recommend Style Arc’s Jilly jeans pattern if you want to do *proper* ones. I made a pair last year and the fit is very good.
    Is the Spoolettes meeting on Feb 6th? That’s my birthday, so I have something planned, but hope to join you for the next Wednesday trip X

    • Thanks Dee! Sorry you’ll miss our meet-up and an early happy birthday wish to you! I’ll be arranging a Wednesday one in the summer, so hopefully see you then xx

    • Thanks Nee. No I got it from Lucky Fashions about a month ago. They’ve sold out, otherwise I could’ve got you a metre! I do have a bit left tho and have no plans for it. With your skills I bet you’d get some pants or a lekala 8000 out of it! πŸ˜€

  12. These look amazing! What a great fit, and I very much admire your pattern matching patience! Time to invest in/whip up a couple of complementing tops as I’m
    sure you’ll want to get lots of wear out of such great jeans πŸ™‚

    • Thankyou! I’ve found my old winter-white Renfrew today and that’s ok with them, so I think I’ll try and whip up some more as they cover the waist line up nicely – don’t want that elastic making an appearance! πŸ™‚

  13. These look great on you. Well done and good luck with the next step – real jeans. I’m not going there.
    I know what you mean about not enough plain tops. It’s funny, I usually choose plain fabrics when I buy RTW but go for patterns when I buy fabric for clothes – must be the patchworker in me!

    • My stash is just full of patterns and when I open my wardrobe its an array of colour! I’m really going to try and buy no patterned fabric this year, well not without a plan, and I think I should make 3 plain garments for every patterned. There, I’ve said it now, let’s see what happens!

  14. corrineappleby says

    What a fab choice as your first foray into jeans making. These really look great on you and I must admit I’m pretty tempted myself! My hips are also up to 2 sizes less than my waist (bloody kids!) but the middle size worked OK did it? Oh, and brilliant invisible pockets!

    • The middle size was spot on, I could even loose another 1cm on the seams but I’ve bothered, and I think the fit would be spot on for a woven with a bit less stretch. πŸ™‚

  15. So impressed with these and clearly a great first pattern to attempt on the Jeans sewing journey. Love the fabric you’ve chosen. These look like designer denims. πŸ™‚ Think once I’m on the mend again and up to jeans-making I might start with this pattern, thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and clearly looking forward to seeing them in person on the 6th πŸ˜‰

    • They’d definitely be good for practising all that tricky stitching. The hardest bit was to remember to change my stitch length as I had it set at a longer stitch for the top stitching, would was no good for holding the seams together! πŸ™‚

  16. These look great! I love the print and frankly everything about them looks perfect. Perfect stitching… perfect pocket placement… A pair of jeans you can be proud of!

  17. Fiona M says

    So glad you posted this. I have the Misty pattern myself and plan to try it out soon in plain stretch denim. (I had a go at the Kenneth King Craftsy ‘copy your favourite jeans’ class last year, and it was an unmitigated disarster dahling! I thought maybe these would be easier.) Your pocket placement is genius, and the end result is just fab – maybe you need to add an inch to the height above the hips to eliminate the Camel Toe? I always need to add to height there in trousers, as I am very short waisted. After seeing yours, I will definitely do so with my Mistys.

    • Hi Fiona! I really do recommend this pattern, especially if you’re like me and don’t tuck your clothes in. I think it’s gonna be stretch woven and denim all the way! I miss not having the extra reinforcement in the tummy area that you get with jeans but I’m just going to have to stand up straight and pull my tummy in! Good luck with yours πŸ™‚

  18. The fabric is gorgeous and the pattern matching on those pockets Ace, worth spending all this time to cut it! Great fit as well, I like the pull on element of them. Nice scarf!

    • They’re so comfy, I’ve had them on for a trip to Nando’s at lunch today and we’re out for a curry tonight so the elastic will be working hard, lol!! the scarf was a result into my adventure into arm knitting. Have you tried it?? It only took half an hour!! I followed the instructors on Wool and the Gang. πŸ™‚

      • Glad to hear they play well with pie πŸ˜‰haven’t tried arm knitting, I see it everywhere though and I really want to give it a go! Does it need special yarn?

  19. You know, I find myself not sure how to wear print denim- is it still a neutral? Do I have to wear blue? Do I ignore the color? Nevermind- let me say how much I like yours!

    • Thankyou! They’re definitely not neutral – I have to wear a sold colour. I have some white liberty cotton with a faint blue print on that I’m hoping will look good with them when it’s a shirt but it’s way down the to-do list!

  20. wow, these are brilliant! Pull-ons that really do look like proper jeans- that really must the best of both worlds. And your instructions for pocket pattern matching are genius. I will definitely follow those in future rather than my usual TNT method of faffing and swearing!

  21. seweverythingblog says

    Wow! Great pair of knit jeans – and the fabric looks like patterned denim in the pictures. So you get the best of both worlds: comfort of knit, and the look of jeans. Great job on sewing the pair. Good luck with the next one. I’ll be looking in for some jean sewing tips.

    • Thankyou! They were fun to make and not quite as challenging as sewing with denim, just need to muster up some courage (and time!) to sew the real thing! πŸ™‚

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