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The Little Red Dress – McCalls 6612

Back in June 2013 I bought a dress pattern which changed my life.  It was the Mcalls 6612 dress and tunic.  I made it up in a size 14 without even thinking I needed to measure myself.  Luckily due to the very stretchy nature of the fabric it fit.

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 30

I’d not used this pattern again, until earlier in the summer, and I’ve since made 5 very different garments.  I measure a 16 chest and 12 hips but generally sew with a smaller seam allowance and keep my fingers crossed that it will fit.  So far so good!

The first M6612 was a little red dress made with a cotton jersey from John Lewis.  I was going to add short sleeves but after sewing up the side seams whilst in auto pilot I decided not to bother as I nearly always sew sleeves in in the flat and couldn’t be bothered easing the sleeves in.  To jazz things up I added a striped trim to the neck and arm openings and absolutely love how it transformed this simple dress.

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 2

Top stitching with a wide twin cover stitch really made the dress look really RTW.

I’ve worn this dress loads over the summer – for meals out with pals, socials dos at the golf club, and just to watch the cricket on a sunny day.



    • Thanks Claire, it turned out loads better than I imagined, it amazing how a simple trim can change the look so much πŸ™‚

  1. Claire jefferson says

    This red dress is spot on, with a great fit. Designer worthy! Luv it!

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  3. Gorgeous! For a last-minute addition, the trim makes this a dress stunner. I can see why it gets a lot of wear, and it will translate well into the new seasons with boots and a jacket. (oooh, will you make a new one? πŸ˜‰ )

    • Thanks Hun, I used to wear a lot of red when I was younger but haven’t for a while, I think I can get away with it more now my hairs blonde instead of the reddy colours i’ve had it in recent years. x

  4. Sunny days AND rainy days by the look of that last set of photos. The stripy binding was an inspired touch – what a difference it makes. The fit is great and worthy of your (almost) ‘Basic Instinct’ moment πŸ˜‰

    • Haha…never thought it of a basic instinct moment. Luckily it was just me and the phone’s timers so I wasn’t flashing at anyoneπŸ˜‚

  5. Love it – you look fab in red, lady! Looks amazing with the denim jacket. Funny, isn’t it, how we see white as a Summer-only colour? I’ve put all my whites away now, until next year, much as I love them. Had a little chuckle at that pic of H back in 2013…….a different boy, indeed!

    • Thanks Hun! I’m loving red again, I used to wear it a lot when my hair was dark. when i had funny coloured hair like it being red/plum sort of colour I just couldn’t wear it but now i’m blondish I can! H looks so cute, such a shame they have to grew up, it’s hard to believe your number 2 has started high school!

    • Thanks Hun, I don’t think I’ve every had a red dress before, I’d definitely like to make another one in a more dressy fabric xx

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  7. corrineappleby says

    You look great in this dress! I love the stripey trim with the bright red. I must steal that idea from you!

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