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Ali’s Been Busy!

A lot has happened since I last posted…… I’ve been on the telly for one! But that’s another story! I’ll tell you all about that shortly – I kept a diary throughout filming, it might need a little editing before I publish it here though.

But for now this is just a quick post to let you know what I’ve been busy doing the last couple of days.

My stash is out of control to say the least. A combination of ‘no where to sew’ – by that I mean I’ve no where to go (due to the ‘C’) word, so I’ve not got the same inclination to sew. But then I’ve still been buying fabric like there’s no tomorrow!

I used to keep a record of my stash on an app called Cora – but it’s stopped working (pained face), so now I’m feeling totally disorganised which I find makes me even more unproductive, and my sew-jo has gone into quarantine. And for longer than the recommended 14 days!

I decided to go back to documenting my stash the good old fashioned way using paper and lever arch file. After a bit of googling I couldn’t find a template that was ‘just what I needed’ so I made up my own:

I wanted a space to glue a small swatch, and also a space for free text.

It’s been a long job and I’ve no where near completed this mammoth task, but I’m feeling better already.

Here’s a few of the sheets I’ve done so far:

And guess what?! I’ve worked out how to scan on my printer, so now I can have a digital copy on my phone too. I think we’ve all bought fabric when out and about only to discover we have something very similar at home.

If you want to organise your stash and fancy using my template, click on the link below and you’ll be able to download it.

If you do, let me know by using the hashtag #alisbeenbusy if you post on social media, or drop me a comment below.

In case you’re wondering where the hashtag came from….. at the end of the Sewing Bee Final where it let you know what we were all up to now, it said “Ali’s been busy, but is back playing golf”. I think me being busy at that time was a bit of an understatement! The pandemic was causing all sorts of craziness for all of us and it was only just getting started.

So yes, I’ve been busy, but I’m still smiling.

Hope you are too!

Cheerio for now

Ali xx


  1. What a fab idea, and you’re so generous to put this online for everybody to use! It was grand “seeing” you on telly after months wondering what Ali was doing… aside from when we knew what you were doing during first lockdown. And now you’re back at it — and smiling whilst getting peeps to hospital. xx πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. Lovely to hear from you again, and you certainly had the best smile on the Bee. I’ve moved, just after Lockdown the first, now trying to get used to life down south!

  3. Claire says

    Wow! U just made my life easier. Made copies of your fabric charts. Thx from across the pond! Stay safe and stay well.

  4. I have stash shame after packing for our move back to England from France. So many boxes πŸ™„ Definitely not buying any more fabric.
    I had my whole family rooting for you when you were on the telly box.
    Once I’m back in England, maybe I’ll be able to come to one of your meet ups should they ever be possible again.
    In the meantime, thanks for doing what you do. xx

  5. shoes15 says

    It’s so great to see you. I was rooting for you on the GBSB and was sorry things didn’t work out. Your fabric swatch organizer is a great idea. I myself use index cards – I staple a swatch to the card and note where and when I bought the fabric, what it cost, the yardage and width, and care instructions. I have a little rule that I have to enter the fabric into the log before using it, and I have to wash it before using it, so that keeps me honest!

  6. I feel your pain! I did something similar some years ago (well – I started but didn’t complete the whole stash 😩) It was hard work to do but has been enormously helpful.
    A word from the wise. Don’t forget to mark when you use some fabric. That can cause hours of searching and frustration before you remember….

  7. Great idea, though I like the idea of the index cards above too. Looking forward to life getting back to normal so we can have another sewing meet up. I took Helen over to Dewsbury a couple of weeks ago for fabric shopping, found the Liberty stall on the market and had to find a cash point quick!!

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