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My Mums Sewing Adventure

Back in July my mum & I paid a visit to Minerva Crafts shop in Lancashire. I’d seen some fabric in their online store and wanted to see it in real life. Whilst there my mum got all excited and bought some material & a pattern. She’s not sewn for ages and ages so was going to be dusting off her machine that was neglected in her spare bedroom. Here’s the pattern (simplicity 1611) & fabric (a woven soft fabric with a lovely drape): My mum decided to make the dress full length but without the overlay. After seeing the material and pattern for a few weeks in the dining room, neglected, I decided to help her out and cut the pattern out for her. Then ‘we’ (the royal we!) began stitching. Lots accomplished in just an hour – all stitched up – it just needed hemming and the arm hole edges finishing. Then things came to a grinding halt as we were thinking the dress needed sleeves as the arm holes were a little …

McCalls 6612 – My First Frock in Years!

I made this dress from start to finish in a day, including shopping for the pattern and fabric…… I made view B, but made it floor length. The pattern was quite bold and I spent ages laying it out on the floor trying to get the sides matched up. I’ve since learnt that I need to cut out on my kitchen hardwood floor, rather than the lounge carpet – I found the bottom layer gripped the carpet and the top layer slid all over. It was simple to make.  I love simple! I made a knee length slit either side so I could walk. I didn’t bother hemming the bottom – it doesn’t fray and no one has noticed so far! Hemming it is at the very bottom of my to do list!! I plan to make all of the versions of this dress but need to get the pattern back of a friend. She now has 3 new dresses and also said it was easy peasy! I’ve only got one pic of me in …

A Little About Me

Me n My Brood…. I live near Leeds with my husband Craig and son Harrison.  My main hobby is golf, but I also love photography, have started knitting (the last time I did any knitting was when I was in the Brownies!), and a month ago I dug my overlocker out which has been in hibernation for over 10 years and have rekindled my love of sewing.  During the last month I’ve made several dresses and tops and this week a pair of trousers. Sewing is definitely more challenging than when I made clothes in my early 20’s – maybe it’s my vital statistics which are making it more challenging as I’m having to learn to adapt pattern to my shape.  I’m not really sure how the blog thingy works – I’ve read lots over the past few weeks which has helped me loads with my sewing and I’m hoping that my blog will help and enthuse others.  Edited with BlogPad Pro