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McCalls 6612 – My First Frock in Years!

I made this dress from start to finish in a day, including shopping for the pattern and fabric……

I made view B, but made it floor length.

The pattern was quite bold and I spent ages laying it out on the floor trying to get the sides matched up. I’ve since learnt that I need to cut out on my kitchen hardwood floor, rather than the lounge carpet – I found the bottom layer gripped the carpet and the top layer slid all over.

It was simple to make.  I love simple! I made a knee length slit either side so I could walk. I didn’t bother hemming the bottom – it doesn’t fray and no one has noticed so far! Hemming it is at the very bottom of my to do list!!

I plan to make all of the versions of this dress but need to get the pattern back of a friend. She now has 3 new dresses and also said it was easy peasy!

I’ve only got one pic of me in this dress……  Here’s me with my family at a Golf Club ‘do’. My sons just about the same size as me but I was wearing killer heals!!


  1. I just picked up that exact pattern recently. Haven’t gotten around to picking out fabric for it yet. I love the print you chose…It really gave this plain dress pattern some interest.

    • Hi, I’m just reading through my old blogs and noticed I’ve not replied. Have you gotten round to making this yet? 😃✂️

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