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The Thea Boho Sleeve Shirt

It’s taken a crazy shirt to get my fingers flying across the keyboard and to get me to update my blog! It feels good to be back, I just need to make a brew now and have a look at my feed and see what you lovelies have been up to too! So I spotted a new pattern from Liberty on Insta. It was a bit steep at £17 but it was love at first site and it was in my shopping basket before I knew it. I bought it direct from Liberty and was very restrained by not buying anything else! Once I’d got going making it and posted on insta what I was up to, someone mentioned that the Liberty shirt is actually Vogue 9331. So I checked it out and sure enough it is. Not only is it the same as the Vogue pattern, it’s also cheaper. Especially if you buy it when it’s on sale. But the downside of buying the vogue pattern is that you have to choose which size …

McCalls 6612 – A Nearmiss

Last Monday I woke up wanting to sew. It’s a long time since I woke up with ‘the urge’! I was meeting my crafty friends for lunch and ‘needed’ something new to wear. So after a rummage through my used patterns I decided upon McCalls 6612. A dead easy pattern which I can throw together in an hour or so. It’s actually the first pattern I used when I got back into sewing in 2013, though it took me all day to sew up the first time as I was a bit rusty. I wasn’t 100% happy with it, and it didn’t feel quite right, but I wore it. When I got home after the lunch I had a rethink and decided to finish the sleeves with a band of opposite fabric. I’m a great believer of everything happening for a reason, and here’s proof of that. So thankyou Sewing Gods for my nearmiss and helping me creative something a little bit different which I love. Happy Sewing & Cheerio for now, Thimbers x