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The Thea Boho Sleeve Shirt

It’s taken a crazy shirt to get my fingers flying across the keyboard and to get me to update my blog! It feels good to be back, I just need to make a brew now and have a look at my feed and see what you lovelies have been up to too!

So I spotted a new pattern from Liberty on Insta. It was a bit steep at £17 but it was love at first site and it was in my shopping basket before I knew it. I bought it direct from Liberty and was very restrained by not buying anything else!

Once I’d got going making it and posted on insta what I was up to, someone mentioned that the Liberty shirt is actually Vogue 9331. So I checked it out and sure enough it is. Not only is it the same as the Vogue pattern, it’s also cheaper. Especially if you buy it when it’s on sale. But the downside of buying the vogue pattern is that you have to choose which size range you want, whereas with the Liberty pattern all sizes are included. So if you’re not planning on sharing the pattern, or making it for anyone else in a different size range from yourself I’d buy the vogue pattern.

It took quite a few hours to make, so not something I’d decide to make in the day for a night out, but definitely worth the effort. I hoping my next one will be quicker. I’m fancying one in white and more classic looking. I have some gorgeous semi sheer crepe with a slight stretch which I think would look amazing!

So here it is……… my new favourite shirt, definitely one that stands out in a crowd!

I added piping below the yoke on the back but not the front, and used the burrito method for sewing the yoke. It doesn’t tell you to do it that way in the instructions, which I think is bonkers as it’s actually quicker as neater too.

A little tip when when attaching the collar – the collar is generally bigger the the top of the shirt with most shirt patterns. This was the case here. I made snips into the neck seam allowance to the stay stitching, and then the collar fitted perfectly! Hope that makes sense!

Also, just to mention, it doesn’t tell you to stay stitch the neckline until quite a way into the making of the shirt. But I always find it best to do any stay stitching before you start constructing any garment to ensure none of the pieces ended up being stretched out.

Just a few close ups…….

So there you go, my new snazzy shirt!

I’m loving the fashions at the moment – big sleeves and animal print! I think this trend will definitely be in my wardrobe this year!

Cheerio for now, I’m hoping I won’t be leaving it as long til I’m back showing you what I’ve been getting up to in my lady cave.

Ali xx


  1. Loved the poppy print when you first showed it on IG, and had missed a usual blog commentary on the details of the making. And now here they are – YEAH❣️ ❣️ ❣️
    Good to have you back, Lovely! 😘 😘 😘

      • Great to have a catch-up!
        Just went through your 2019 and 2020 makes and you were/are on a roll! Couldn’t find a place to comment on either page, and there were so many that looked terrific I couldn’t remember them to comment here.
        But you’ve really inspired me, and I’m hoping to get on with it over here! 😘😘😘

        • I think I’ve fixed it Del so comments can be added. Looking forward to seeing where the inspiration takes you xx

  2. Simona says

    That looks awesome! I would not have thought of pairing those two fabrics together, but seeing them they look great. I love that you also included some pictures showing close up details of your new favourite shirt.

    • Thanks Simona, I’ve been searching some fancy online shops with huge price tags for inspiration which inspired me to me a big brave with my fabric choices. x

    • Bonkers on the outside now as well as the inside – that’s me! Sheer sleeves would look really good, I wonder if I’ve any chiffon in my stash🤔

  3. I’m glad you’re back, and love the poppies especially. The trees and lawn look lovely too.

    I never knew Liberty had patterns, or was pretending to have them. That must be a UK thing, to market them together with Vogue–Vogue here is very expensive, last time I looked.

    • Thanks Margaret! I’m really pleased with it. I didn’t known either, I just saw the shirt on a post on insta and fell in love with it.
      PS I’m over your way most weeks as I have a friend who lives my side of Manchester. Might be able to meet up for a coffee when I’m over that way, but not sure where you are xx

  4. So cool – love the fabric combo, very striking! Good to see you again (well….virtually anyway!) Interesting that the pattern is just a rebranded Vogue one. I wonder if the other Liberty patterns are too?

    • Thankyou! I decided I wanted to do the sleeves different but when I went shopping this really wasn’t what I had in mind! But I am really happy how it’s turned out.

  5. Lisa says

    Yayy you’ve finally blogged again …now just need to get back onto Sunday Sevens 😂😘. Totes in love with this shirt! I deffo need to make one! You look amazing 😘😘 xx

    • Thanks Lisa! You’ve shamed me into doing my Sunday Sevens – I hope you’re sat down, otherwise you might collapse when I tell you I’ve just posted my Sunday Sevens🙀xx

  6. Very jolly! I saw that Liberty had issued patterns – and that they were faithful to the Vogue originals which did make me wonder if Liberty were charging a premium.
    Good to see you back 😁

    • Thanks Kim, it’s good to be back! Let’s hope I can keep it up🤞🏻 I think it’s good that Liberty include the full range of sizes in theirs. 🙃

  7. Wow! You certainly won’t get lost in a crowd. That poppy print is fairly similar to one Liberty do/have done in the past – I have some in a quilt.
    Love the long hair x

    • Nope I won’t get lost! But if I ever come and see you and you’ve made the quilt I could camouflage myself on it😂x

    • Those sleeves are something else, you would need the pattern though, you’ve done some great sleeve hacks, I bet you could just adapt a shirt pattern you’ve already made.

  8. Emma says

    I love this pattern! I am just making it at the moment and after spending 3 hours making a beautiful collar, it is now 4cm too long, not sure how that happened. But reading your blog helped, I might try that, although not sure how I will make up 4cm!!!

    • I had quite a lot of excess, probably that much to be honest. Have you got a frixion pen you could drawn on the seam allowance round the neckline, or if not stay stitch exactly 1.5cm. If you measure than then you could see how it compares with the length of your collar. Let me know how you get on and if you need any more help🤞🤞🤞🤞

  9. Sooz Whittaker says

    Thank you so much for your help on the Thea Boho Shirt – I have just spent ages trying to fix the collar and then trying to trace you but tar dah!!! thankyou

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