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McCalls 6612 – A Nearmiss

Last Monday I woke up wanting to sew. It’s a long time since I woke up with ‘the urge’! I was meeting my crafty friends for lunch and ‘needed’ something new to wear. So after a rummage through my used patterns I decided upon McCalls 6612. A dead easy pattern which I can throw together in an hour or so. It’s actually the first pattern I used when I got back into sewing in 2013, though it took me all day to sew up the first time as I was a bit rusty. I wasn’t 100% happy with it, and it didn’t feel quite right, but I wore it. When I got home after the lunch I had a rethink and decided to finish the sleeves with a band of opposite fabric. I’m a great believer of everything happening for a reason, and here’s proof of that. So thankyou Sewing Gods for my nearmiss and helping me creative something a little bit different which I love. Happy Sewing & Cheerio for now, Thimbers x

Vogue 8805

“Why oh why did I leave it so long!!??” We’ve all said it. More than once. But we never learn. It’s not that often is it that we unearth a UFO, finish it and aren’t please.  I mean, if it was that bad in the first place it would’ve ended up in the bin not chucked in the corner. So a while ago I borrowed V8805 of my real life sewing buddy Jeanie. Jeanie’s the one who got me going again, so to speak.  She’s made umpteen versions of these. For my first I used up some left over denim.  The dark blue was from my GBSB capri pants and the raspberry was from my Mexican dress and also a peg bag.   You might even recognise pinky red denim from other blogs – I’ve seen Jeans on The Prolific Project Starters blog and also a cute little dress only a couple of weeks ago on Making and Markings blog.  (I’ve just looked and Minerva still have it in stock).  In fact it was Camilla’s recent post that reminded …

Deluxe Coco – with sprinkles & cream

Deluxe Coco coming up! Not quite with sprinkles and cream, but does have lots of topstitching and a smattering of ric-rac. Remember earlier when I was trying to squeeze a coco from just 1m of fabric. A remenant I bought last time I visited Fine Fabrics of Harrogate.  I wanted the funnel neck.  I wanted cuffs on the sleeves.  I wanted more fabric! Eventually I opted to add a colour blocked top after rummaging in my scraps in my stash. Even though this is a simple make I took my time and tried to add the finishing touches to this garment. I’ve made 2 already (unblogged). The first one was black in a cheap double knit.  Its pilled up but I’ve worn it loads and everytime I wear it someones always asks if I’ve lost weight!  Result!  I need one for everyday of the week! I usually use ribbon for reinforcing the shoulder seams, but used this bright blue ric-rac instead:  When it came to the hem I’d already managed to squeeze a couple of inches to …