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Deluxe Coco – with sprinkles & cream

Deluxe Coco coming up!

Not quite with sprinkles and cream, but does have lots of topstitching and a smattering of ric-rac.

Remember earlier when I was trying to squeeze a coco from just 1m of fabric. A remenant I bought last time I visited Fine Fabrics of Harrogate.  I wanted the funnel neck.  I wanted cuffs on the sleeves.  I wanted more fabric!

Eventually I opted to add a colour blocked top after rummaging in my scraps in my stash.

I drew a line where I wanted my seam then drew 2 lines either side 1.5cm away. I didn’t want to chop my pattern so I just folded on the lines.

I cut the front, back and funnel neck. I had this small piece left which was just enough for the cuffs. Phew!!

Even though this is a simple make I took my time and tried to add the finishing touches to this garment. I’ve made 2 already (unblogged).

The first one was black in a cheap double knit.  Its pilled up but I’ve worn it loads and everytime I wear it someones always asks if I’ve lost weight!  Result!  I need one for everyday of the week!

The 2nd one was for my sister in a lovely ponte roma in charcoal that I think has some wool in it, judging by the smell of it when it was drying on my radiator! It was the leftover bit of this that I salvaged for my new coco.

I usually use ribbon for reinforcing the shoulder seams, but used this bright blue ric-rac instead:

 When it came to the hem I’d already managed to squeeze a couple of inches to the length and I didn’t want to loose it.  I need to it cover my butt when wearing leggings (and I have lots since discovering Cake’s Espresso leggings).

I cut a 1 1/2 inch strip of the charcoal ponte knit and finished one edge with my overlocker. I then sewed it to the right side, turned, pressed and stitched with a narrow zig-zag.

This finish gave the hem some body, as this fabric (a poly jersey) was a bit too fine and stretchy for a coco.  It was a good job really that I didn’t have enough to make the coco totally in this fabric, as the top yoke in the ponte gave some structure to the neckline.

I thought I’d try and for once get some pix straight away and post my latest garment soon after making it. So here’s a variety of poses and quality:

can you make out my new boots? they’re burgandy patent and I LOVE them!

 Think I’m getting of touch of Coco-itus, which is only curable when one has 7 Cocos hanging happily in one’s wardrobe!

How many Coco’s have you got?


    • Thanks!
      I really love it, I think I’ll be doing more mix n matching with my fabric. Iit’ll be a good way to work my way through some clothes I have which are waiting to be refashioned.

  1. Ha ha, I love your exuberance at finishing it! Well done for scraping it out of the fabric you had. I only have 2 coco’s, so I’m starting to feel like I’m letting the side down. But I have 2 very similar shop bought tops from pre sewing, one of which is reversable, so I think I’m ok for long sleeve knit tops for now….

    • My exuberance meant it took longer, which in turn meant before I knew it it was tea time and I had nothing planned. So we had a chinease takeaway! Bonus!

      Reversible!! Now that’s a good idea for a coco! That would be good for fabric which doesn’t have enough body to make a ‘normal’ coco. (if there is such a thing as a normal coco!)

  2. It’s brilliant! I am heading for that number of Ruby dresses so don’t feel bad! Remember we just get better with each one! Lol

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