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Drum roll please…….. Gadget Giveaway Results!\\

Remember a couple of weeks ago I announced a giveaway for the Reusable Swatch Kit from Janome?  Well they only went and sent the Swatch Buddy Expansion Kit too. So tonight I’ve been busy copy and pasting 38 names onto my iNotes then converting to PDF, printing, then passing on to the department downstairs (i’m upstairs in H’s bedroom on the iMac) to do cutting out, placing in a plastic bag and been drawn out of a hat!  It’s all been a bit crazy, especially as cricket is on TV and it’s hard for them 2 downstairs to concentrate when the TV’s on. So here we are, in no particular order: Trisha Corrineappleby Terzi Begum Little Miss Bunting Jendavismiller Curlsandskirls If you could drop me an email with your address I’ll pop them in the post! Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and enter the giveaway.  I’m planning a follow up post with all your brilliant gadget ideas!

Gadget Envy Giveaway!!

Remember my recent post about the amazing Goodie bag from Janome? There was a certain amount of gadget envy going around the blogasphere after then so I contacted the lovely people at Janome to see if they would like to sponsor a giveaway on my blog. And guess what!? They said YES!! So, I have 6 swatch buddies to give away!! Not sure what a swatch buddy is? Everyone wants to find the perfect materials for their projects but few really have the time to invest in creating and organizing their fabric swatches or paper samples on swatch cards for their shopping trips. This problem inspired a hassle-free swatching solution with the fast and easy Swatch Buddies Kits. Once you try them youll realise Swatch Buddies are just what you need. The main kit comes with a lockable cable ring holding 12 plastic swatch cards, 12 stickers to hold your fabric on the card and 12 labels for identifying your fabric. As a bonus the kit includes 12 extra stickers and labels as the cards …