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When One Thing Leads To Another – The Colette Wren Part 1

My big sister (older by 10 days short of a year) celebrated her birthday at the end of October.  Two years ago I made her a leather bag and last year I made her a Coco.  This year she said she would like another Coco and chose this sparkly ponte knit from Minerva: It does change colour a little bit depending on the light but this gives a fair idea of the fabric.  It took a bit of tweaking before I was happy with this photo. So onwards and upwards.  I completed her Coco in about 1 1/2 hours (I’ve made a few so can almost do them with my eyes shut, they seem to be our family uniform!). It was just as well that I got a photo of her new Coco on Gertrude as these were the best of the photo shoot in the pub: Anyway, she loved it! I loved it! I wanted to keep it!  But instead I ordered another 5 metres of this gorgeous fabric just for me!  I was thinking …

ssshhhhhhhh……don’t tell any one, but…..

Wow! I just had to share this amazing giveaway with my fellow bloggers, though by doing so it will lessen my chances of winning as you’ll all want to be in it!!!! Here’s the link for Sewdixielou’s blog:  LINK!!!!! Good luck folks, and if you haven’t looked up Minerva do it now!! It’s fab!  I’ve bought fabric online and have also been lucky enough to go in real life!! Think I’ll hire a big van next time I go!!   There’s a link on one of my older blogs when I made a stunning outfit from only 1m of fabric – the fabric was originally bought to line a bag but it was toooooo nice to be hidden in a bag!!  Good luck & happy sewing!!      Edited with BlogPad Pro

easy outfit from only 1 metre of fabric

Here’s one of the first things I made when I recently got back into sewing. I bought a metre of fabric from intending to use it to line a bag I was knitting. When the fabric arrived in the post it was much too nice to be hidden in a bag. I draped it all sorts of ways around me wondering how I could make this metre into a dress. It HAD to be a dress! Eventually I plucked up the courage the cut into it………not able to make a dress I opted for a long skirt and ‘boob tube’ style top…… My bust measurement is about 105cm so I only sewed a narrow side seam and adding the elastic to the top just helped hold it in place. I overlocked the top, and turned over the top just enough to fit the elastic. I did the same with the skirt. This had a little more ease and enabled me to be able to walk! On reflection tho’ I wish I’d have made a …