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Christmas Party Dress

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to make for my works Christmas do, and also something for The Monthly Stitch Challenge – “Party!!”.   I didn’t want to buy a pattern or any material as my stash should be is vast enough to find something. Eventually I decided on Newlook 6648 which is a top that I previously made as a frock:    here’s where I blogged about it. The pattern calls for jersey fabric, but I wanted to make it in a shiny polyester so decided to cut it on the bias so it would have some stretch widthways. Easier said than done!! It took me ages to fold the material eventually I went with the pattern and kept everything crossed. It was really easier, and the bias gave enough ease to get it over my head. When I’d sewn up the side seams it was way to big, hung like a sack with no shape. I took the seams in about an inch from just above the waist all the way down …


Finished!! Can’t believe I got it done. Had such a busy day at work. Did most of it on my break, and just spent 30 minutes finishing it. Need to trim seams etc but wearable tonight. Yippeeee!! Read here how I managed to sew it in and around a 10 hour Ambulance shift!