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Christmas and other Pressies…final post, I hope!

This is my second post (and last!) of Christmas gifts which I made.  All the ladies in my family received handmade gifts, mainly zipper pouches, peg bags or tote bags, oh and scarfs (no pictures, forgot to take some before they were wrapped but will pester the recipitants for one!).   Is it just me, or do you guys struggle to give things away when you’ve made them? I kinda get attached, and make things that I’d like, but will only make things for those who I think will appreciate them. I didn’t find it cheaper making things if I account for my time.  If I’d have spent the same amount of time at work working overtime I’d have been quids in!  But I wouldn’t have been as happy! Here’s one last pic, an after Christmas Pressie!  Oh, go one then, one more…… Edited with BlogPad Pro

Leather Mini Tote Bag and iPhone Case

  Today is my big sister’s birthday. Since my birthday, 10 days ago, we’ve been the same age – we used to love being the same age when we were kids, but now she’s over taken me again for the 42nd time the novelty is almost wearing off. She is wanting to buy a new laptop as she’s just started a degree in podiatry so has asked for money instead of pressies from all the family. I gave her some money but also made her a little pressie too! I’d been thinking of making some tote bags, so with the leather I’d previously bought  I decided to make a mini one in leather – big enough to hold my sister’s iPad. I used the large piece at the back. It’s chocolate brown but the photo doesn’t show it too well. I’ve just come home from my night shift, shattered after sewing and saving lives all night.  Luckily there weren’t many people who needing saving and I was able to make the bag. The commentary with the following …