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Christmas and other Pressies…final post, I hope!

This is my second post (and last!) of Christmas gifts which I made.  All the ladies in my family received handmade gifts, mainly zipper pouches, peg bags or tote bags, oh and scarfs (no pictures, forgot to take some before they were wrapped but will pester the recipitants for one!).

I love this peg bag and had a really hard time wrapping it up to give away! I gave this to my brother! He wasn’t too impressed but his partner was! I used on old favourite denim shirt, and the press studs on the front work, so when it’s dropped on the floor all the pegs don’t fall out!

This is a Tonic T Shirt from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick – a free pattern and definitely worth the download and effort of sticking it all together! Here’s some I made before for me….


Another peg bag – this one was for Bertha, my parents Caravan. Yup, she’s got a name, She’s even got her own Facebook page! Another one with a proper closure, better than having open ones I think.

More peg bags, one for my neighbour one for my mum in law.

A dressing gown for my sister. I actually inherited this from her as a UFO. The girls in her Ranger group made it, but it was terrible!! The seams were dropping to bits, they’d only sewn the front and back pieces together and the inseam pockets were showing on the outside! I managed to unpick the side seams, and got rid of the pockets and added one to the front instead.

A knitted bag for a friend at the golf club. I recently took another photo as since I can now crochet this bag now has a proper closure.

Inside view…..something else I didn’t want to part with! Luckily I have one I prepared earlier for me!

A peg bag I sent to a friend in America.

Tina’s golf tee bag – was in an earlier post but this is a better picture.

another zipper pouch – love making these, there’s so many ways to personalise them!

Is it just me, or do you guys struggle to give things away when you’ve made them? I kinda get attached, and make things that I’d like, but will only make things for those who I think will appreciate them.

I didn’t find it cheaper making things if I account for my time.  If I’d have spent the same amount of time at work working overtime I’d have been quids in!  But I wouldn’t have been as happy!

Here’s one last pic, an after Christmas Pressie!

After reading a great blog (sara Vs Sarah) and learning how to make hankies with a crocheted edge, I had to have a go! I made this last weekend and have posted it off to my lovely Auntie. She’ll really appreciate this, as she’s a proper lady and likes a hankie when she goes out.

 Oh, go one then, one more……

It’s my mums birthday this Saturday and I’ve made her a top (mccal 6604). I’d previously made this for myself in a different fabric, but my mum keeps threatening to pinch it off my washing line, so I thought I’d best make her one too!


  1. Beautiful pressies! Makes me wish I was part of your family! I made all the adults jammie pants for Christmas. Kids got complete set of jammies. 26 gifts in total.

  2. I love all your gifts! Mu brother would have been exactly the same … A few choice words and constant reminders throughout the year about his Christmas gift! Haha! I too made my mum a blouse for Christmas. A tie bow which she loved. However, I was up till 10.30pm on Christmas Eve sewing it! It was like when my children were young and I was setting up playmobil!

  3. Good on you, that’s a big commitment for a single delivery date! And you’re right, the sense of joy for both giver and receiver makes it worthwhile

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