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My Mums Sewing Adventure

Back in July my mum & I paid a visit to Minerva Crafts shop in Lancashire. I’d seen some fabric in their online store and wanted to see it in real life. Whilst there my mum got all excited and bought some material & a pattern. She’s not sewn for ages and ages so was going to be dusting off her machine that was neglected in her spare bedroom.

Here’s the pattern (simplicity 1611) & fabric (a woven soft fabric with a lovely drape):



My mum decided to make the dress full length but without the overlay. After seeing the material and pattern for a few weeks in the dining room, neglected, I decided to help her out and cut the pattern out for her. Then ‘we’ (the royal we!) began stitching. Lots accomplished in just an hour – all stitched up – it just needed hemming and the arm hole edges finishing. Then things came to a grinding halt as we were thinking the dress needed sleeves as the arm holes were a little bit low. The dress has been hung on my landing since August until this morning.

Fitting One (well, First one today!)


Not a good look…… my mum’s 5’1″ and although ‘we’ were planning on shortening it, at the minute it made her look like she was sat on a buffet that was hiding under the dress. I suggested ‘we’ cut it in 2 and turn into a top and a skirt which I thought she may get more use out of it. She was up for it, so whilst she made a cuppa I chopped it in 2.


‘We’ added elastic to the waist, hemmed the bottom and had a maxi skirt in no time………


The top was a little more challenging. I’d never made sleeves before for a sleeveless top. I’d recently downloaded FREE the Tonic Tee Shirt from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick so decided to use the sleeves from that pattern, and added 2 inches to the length of them.



Great Photo (sorry mum xx) – we need to practice our pouting! All the young ones do it on Facebook but it’s harder than it looks! Especially if your lipstick sticks your lips together!

After hemming the bottom and sleeves my mum was really really pleased with the finished outfit.


She was so excited that when I took her home she showed me a dress that she was going to make on Monday…….


It only takes an hour – so far she’s spent 2 hours cutting it out……(5 weeks ago!)


Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my lovely mum, and with a bit of luck she’ll read this which might give her some encouragement to make the dress on Monday. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. My mum has also recently unearthed her machine, having seen my enthusiasm for sewing. She made a lot of clothes for herself as well as me and my brothers when I was young, but had not made anything for about 30 years until recently.
    Your mum’s new outfit is lovely and suits her so well – I hope that this post does encourage her to keep going and sew that wild animal print. (Go Mums!)

    • Thanks Rach, she’ll be so shocked when she sees someone has commented on this blog about her. She won’t dare not finish it now!

  2. It looks lovely! Well done to your mum! And guess what, yesterday MY mum said, oh I might look for some nice fabric to make a straight skirt! Sewing is infectious! I will show her your post!

    • Exciting getting ours mums all crafty, tho my mums just said she can’t make her frock tomorrow as she’s no brown thread.
      Daughter to the rescue, I’ll drop some off in the morning after the school run.
      I might start my mum her own blog and she can keep you posted. Just need a name…..???

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