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My latest additions

Say ‘hello’ to my latest stash additions, and my mum!


Top left:

Very soft cotton jersey, I’m thinking maxi dress with sleeves for winter to wear with boots. I bought 1.5m, it’s 150cm wide, only £3.99/m.


Top right:

Silver, textured, feels a bit like upholstery fabric, but I’ve washed it and it still looks ok. This was a remanent for £4. I’ve ordered Vogue 1036 pattern to make a jacket. I won’t have enough in the silver so I’m going to find a really dark blue soft denim to fill in the gaps.

Vogue 1036


Bottom left:

A semi sheer fabric. Was a remnant (£4) so no idea of composition. Has stripes running horizontally around 5 inches wide in 6 different shades of grey (not 50!! Lol). Think I’m going to make a slouchy hoodie with this.


Finally, bottom right

Another remanent (£3). It’s a semi sheer viscose. No stretch. Oh no! Will have to make sure it fits properly! Think I may make something for my best friend mum. Crossed it out cos I get a bit mixed up as to whether my fab mum’s my best pal or my mum. She’s both!!


Here’s my mum, Sheila! Not the most flattering pic I have of her (think she’ll go bonkers when she sees this on the world wide web!) We were out shopping and was offered a free makeover in Boots when I took this photo.
Here’s the fabric, I think it will really suit her…she’s been trying to pinch the floaty top in the camouflage fabric I made last week, but I really like that!!


All of the above fabric was from
They have a proper shop in Brighouse (1/2 mile from where I work, whoop whoop!!) as well as an online shop. It’s not the best choice for fabrics, but it’s fantastic for haberdashery and everything else you might need. They also run sewing courses, and offer individual tuition too.

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