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Mums sewing adventure Part II


I started and finished my mums dress, it didn’t really get to be a UFO for my mum as she never started it.

Today mum has been shamed into making another ‘1 hour dress’ which she spent 3 hours cutting out a month ago.

I called in at 3pm so see how things were getting on…..
3 broken needles
2 broken needle threaders
& a machine that would play ball.

2 mins later, all ok….! Replaced the bottom spool as the thread hadn’t been wound on with any tension it was loose.

Mum started sewing the first seem, took her foot off the pedal and the machine carried on on its own! So funny! If I hadn’t have been there I wouldn’t have believed her!

The pedal’s sticking, think due to lack of use!

Oh dear, think my mums destined not to sew…not today anyway!



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    • Aw, thanks for your kind words! Has your mum gone fabric shopping yet or are you going to let her have a rummage in your stash?

      • Oh no, she doesn’t want any of my….” Cotton” stash…. she wants some quality fabric for her masterpiece! Haha

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