sewing with leather
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Sewing with leather….

Has anyone any tips for sewing with leather? I picked up 4 pieces yesterday and am going to try and make a bag. I got it from Fabworks in Dewsbury, they sell it at £10 per kg which I thought was a good price. They also sell bigger pieces at £12/kg. This shop is amazing and well worth a visit if you’re not too far away.

I’ve bought some leather needles, well not leather, but you know what I mean!

I need a foot for my machine and am wondering whether to buy a roller one or an ultra guide one.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. No advice for sewing with leather, I’m afraid, but have to concur with the fabworks love! I could spend hours in there.

    • I can’t believe I’ve only just found that place! I asked if they had a cafe, but not yet tho it’s in the pipeline. Am going to take a packed lunch next time I go!

  2. Don’t use pins and make sure you get your seams right in the first attempt because any holes made with pins or a needle will remain visible. Good luck!

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