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Adventures with Leather

I recently bought 4 pieces of leather from Fabworks in Dewsbury  (West Yorkshire) for £10. Tonight, after much googling, I found a tutorial  on favecrafts to make a leather clutch bag.  The instructions were really simple, and I’d made it around an hour. For the lining I used some fabric from my stash which will one day be a frock.  So now I have a matching bag for a dress which is not yet in my wardrobe!  I was able to use my new roller foot which my lovely sister bought me for my birthday.  Here it is in action, and a few more action shots as I worked my way through the tutorial:   I cut out the leather then used it as a template to cut out the lining – remembering to have wrong sides together.  I used stationary clips to hold the fabric together.  Here is the bag before the sides were stitched (above) The instructions for sewing the sides together seemed hard to follow when I initially read them through, but once I started …

Sewing with leather….

Has anyone any tips for sewing with leather? I picked up 4 pieces yesterday and am going to try and make a bag. I got it from Fabworks in Dewsbury, they sell it at £10 per kg which I thought was a good price. They also sell bigger pieces at £12/kg. This shop is amazing and well worth a visit if you’re not too far away. I’ve bought some leather needles, well not leather, but you know what I mean! I need a foot for my machine and am wondering whether to buy a roller one or an ultra guide one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.