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Peg Bag 1st attempt

Whilst trawling the internet looking for inspiration I came across grannymaudsgirl who has made the cutest peg bags ever. I didn’t follow her tutorial as I wanted to make one with a flap rather than a circle, and I also wanted to try out my ruffling foot but mines pretty average so I’m going with hers next time.

Here’s how I made mine:

I drew a pattern based on the only small coat hanger I could find (I need a trip to ikea) then used this as a template to make the 2 front pieces.

I used some curtaining fabric that I found in the loft. There’s 16m of it on roll, and I don’t remember buying it!! It’s been in the loft since we moved here almost 11 years ago.

After rummaging in my stash I found some bias binding and ribbon which would come in useful and also ruffled some strips of fabric.

I LOVE my ruffling foot!!!! It’s amazing and so easy to use.

I played around with different ways of arranging the trims but in the end I used the narrowest ruffle with a narrow ribbon stitched on top (x2):

The trickiest part was working out whether to put the flap over or under. It reminded my of making pillows. Luckily I did it right the first time. I’d done lots of reinforcing on corner etc that it would have been a nightmare to unpick.

After turning it to the right side, a good press and adding the coat hanger, here we have my first peg bag!

I think I need to add something above the flap.

 Any suggestions?

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  1. Fantastic ruffling- one of those is on my list. (ruffling foot) NOW I just really have to show my ignorance because I am dying to know what a Pegs Bag is!?? ~Laurie

    • Oops! Spelling error! Should be peg bag not pegs bag. Will change it….
      Does that help??
      If not……
      In England we peg out our clothes rather than put them in the tumble dryer. We keep our pegs in a peg bag. When we peg out we can hang the peg bag on the washing line so we can reach our pegs easily.
      Ruffling foot – amazing! Possibilities are endless!
      I’ve joked with my dad and said next time I shorten him some trousers I’ll ruffle what I chop off and stitch it to the bottom!! 😀✂️😀

    • I’m thinking maybe some appliqué. I wish I’d have added some more ruffles before I’d sewn it up. ✂️😃✂️

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