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1950s Finale & A Giveaway!

 Hi Folks, here’s my 1950s outfit and details of a little giveaway in celebration of absolutely nothing, it’s just a thankyou to those of you who take time to read my blog, and especially to those of you who take time to comment. 

 For those of you who’ve seen my Parts One, Two & Three of me putting together my outfit for the 1950s themed party I went to last night, here it is finished.  The above pic was taken at my parents, I called in on the way to the party. Below I’m with my one of my Bestest Friends every – Martin – who I made the Boxy Dopp Kit bag for and have previously blogged about it here.

“……lets go to the hop….”

Out of everything I’ve ever sewn I think I’ve enjoyed making this the most, and I’ll probably be wearing it the least! It’s not the sort of thing I’d throw on to nip to the supermarket!!

I eventually opted for the poodle appique as they were all the rage in the 50’s.  I didn’t want anything too ‘in your face’ so I chose a soft cream satin and stitched in sexy pink. Previously I’ve only every used applique to add letters to fabric, the poodle was much trickier, halfway through I was wishing I’d chosen the ice cream.  I couldn’t see the edge of the cream satin against the white as I was sewing so had to continously raise the presser foot. 

Think he needs a name…..any suggestions!? Thanks to sewinlove for helping out……poodles name is now Polka! 

Here’s the template I used….

There’s lots of FREE templates from freeapplique.com

So, about my giveaway!  I wanted to do one not so long ago when I hit 1,000 views but I didn’t know what it should be, I wanted it to be something which I could post world wide but was limited to shipping costs.

This morning I received an email from Craftsy about a free pattern which is available today (not sure how long it is free for).  It was for some coasters which could be made in 3 contrasting fabrics.  “Oooo,” i thought, “I just happened to had 3 contrasting spotty fabrics left from my 1950s outfit which would look fab! So I set to, cut out squares, followed the instructions and here they are:

Aren’t they so cute! They look red and white in the photos but they are definitely sexy pink!

I don’t think they are supposed to reversible but they do look good either way.

The fabric has been pre-washed, shouldn’t shrink and can be machine washed to freshen them up when needed.

When I’d finished them I loved them instantly, but due to my generous nature having cut enough squares to make 4 more I thought they would make a lovely gift for one of my fellow bloggers and very cheap to post!   I know you’re all more than capable of putting something so simple together but it’s still lovely to receive something handmade from someone else.

So, all you have to do to be in a chance of receiving this little gift from me is leave a comment below, just a simple “hello” will do! 

This is open to anyone in the whole wild world! I will draw a name out of a hat, my crocheted one!, next Sunday, so you have until then to enter.

Good luck, and I hope you all have a very productive week!


    • Thanks Emma, it was a fab night, and today my feet aren’t even aching, it’s much easier dancing the night away in pumps instead of heals!

  1. I absolutely love the dress – you look fabulous. And as much as I love the coasters (and I do! I’m off to look for the pattern!) I’ll leave them for someone else – I feel I receive more than enough stuff!

    • Thanks for the name! Fab!
      Yea, i was really pleased with the result, and the pumps were very last minute and I was lucky to pick them up. x

    • Thanks, I’m glad you think so, I think I spent almost as much time googling for ideas as I did sewing! Worth the effort in the long run tho

  2. Sheila Beaumont says

    Love the poodle on the skirt and the little scarf sets it all off – you certainly did your homework pulling it together like that!

    • Thanks, yea, i did do my homework, my mum drilled in the importance of homework from a young age!!

    • Thanks! I don’t think i’d look out of place on the cover of your vintage Childrens books!

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  4. jnh182000 says

    Not only did your outfit look GREAT, but it looked like you had an amazing time, to boot! Beautiful job and it reminded me of when I was a 50’s girl for Halloween when I was 8. (In truth, I was going for Olivia Newton John as “Sandy” from GREASE, but nobody got that, so 50’s girl I was!).

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