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1950s Finale & A Giveaway!

 Hi Folks, here’s my 1950s outfit and details of a little giveaway in celebration of absolutely nothing, it’s just a thankyou to those of you who take time to read my blog, and especially to those of you who take time to comment.   For those of you who’ve seen my Parts One, Two & Three of me putting together my outfit for the 1950s themed party I went to last night, here it is finished.  The above pic was taken at my parents, I called in on the way to the party. Below I’m with my one of my Bestest Friends every – Martin – who I made the Boxy Dopp Kit bag for and have previously blogged about it here. Out of everything I’ve ever sewn I think I’ve enjoyed making this the most, and I’ll probably be wearing it the least! It’s not the sort of thing I’d throw on to nip to the supermarket!! I eventually opted for the poodle appique as they were all the rage in the 50’s.  I didn’t want anything …

1950s theme party – part 3

Hi folks, this is just a quick update, it’s almost 11pm in the UK and I’m ready to hit the sack. So here’s where I’m at….. I’ve made the petticoat – hence the puffiness under the skirt! Here’s how it went From this…. To this…..! I’m so pleased with the petticoat except it’s really itchy so I’m going to have to make a lining. Next job is to refashion this (An old hoodie of Harrison’s) into a T Shirt with spotty bias trim….. Only 20 hours to go before I go the ball! 50s party! There’s nothing like a tight deadline to get you motivated!

1950’s themed party Part 2

This morning I woke at 5:30am, my alarm was set for 6 as I was due to start work at 7. ‘Ooo’ I thought, ‘I could get up and cut out my tulle for my petticoat to go under my full circle skirt’ (which can be seen here).   I did some working out on my iPad:   I managed to cut my net out before I went to work so I’m all ready to get sewing when I finish work tonight.  I’ve been thinking about adding some appliqué to the skirt. I’ve looked on the internet and seen this: I’ve seen this…… And this: So today I am going to attempt drawing appliqué templates. I think ice cream or maybe a single big flower. What do you think? If I do add appliqué then it will mean I probably won’t be able to wear the skirt for anything other than dressing up. But hey oh, it hasn’t cost much to make it.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

1950s themed party Part 1

On Saturday (only 2 days away – yikes) I’ve been invited to a 60th birthday party with 1950s theme.  I planned to make a dress but as I’m running out of time I’ve now decided to make a skirt and top.  The main reason I’ve left this until the last minute is due to my current addiction/obsession with crocheting. (More here about that.) At the end of December I went shopping to Harrogate and bought 2m of each of the following fabric: The fabric is only 45″ wide so not wide enough to make a full circle skirt (well not for my waist size!).  I had a re-think and rather than make a less full skirt I used some white 100% cotton sheet and made some bias trim for the bottom.  I used my new rotary cutter – whoppee – super easy to make 157″ of it! I love it!  I think one rainy day I’m going to have a full day making all sorts of different bias binding! I’m not sure how I’m going …