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Refashioning my Diesel Jeans #1

I splashed out on a pair of Diesel Jeans around 5 years ago. They were quite low rise and at the time looked great. But over the last year or 2 my tummy has grown a couple of inches and the jeans are now not so flattering and have been laying dormant in my bottom drawer.

During the last week I’ve given a lot of thought to my sewing plans for 2014.  As I have joined the RTW Fast I think I need to put more thought how I spend my sewing time.  Usually I’ll knock together something easy and quick but it won’t necesarily be a wardrobe staple.

I’ve now decided that I will:

  1. Take my time planning every garment.
  2. Make a muslin (if it’s a new pattern).
  3. Try not to buy any fabric – use fabric and notions from my stash, or dye fabric/clothes.
  4. If I wake up with the urge to sew and have nothing planned and ready to sew, I will make a bag with scraps from my stash – hoping this quick fix will satiisfy my cravings!
  5. Refashion good quality RTW clothes that I no longer wear.
Luckily I wear a uniform for work, so I only need clothes for casual, ‘best’ and golf. I have a family wedding in June and am reaally looking forward to planning and making my outfit for this.
So, back to the reason I’m writing this post.
My Diesels are lovely soft denimn with a slight stretch.  The width of the waist, when at my usual just below the waist height and not low rise, fit me perfectly so I’ve decided to turn it into a skirt.
I have cut about 1/2 behind the inside seams. This gave around the same amount of fabric back and front.  Then I placed the jeans on Gertrude and juggled the pins until I flattened out the  front where the crotch would have been.

Front View – this was a bit difficult – at first I thought the centre seam should be like the back (below) and go to the side but it looked a bit weird.

I pinned the centre back seam to the side. This was the only way I could get it to lay flat.

Initially I thought I would add a triangular panel to the front, but changed my mind as I didn’t want the skirt to look like an old pair of jeans.  Instead I thought I might add a flounce (???right word!!) to it – 10 inches down from the waist would start about an inch below the back pockets.

I cut out a 1/4 and also a 1/2 circle which would fit the 40 inch diameter of the skirt, and made it 12 inches long.

I tucked my tape measure in top of my jeans at 15 inch and was able to slide it around the waistband and measure a 10 inch drop. On hindsight I think it would have been even easier to lay the jeans out flat and chalk mark it, then just pin the flounce.

This is the skirt with a flounce (or is it peplum??) made from a 1/4 circle. Not enough fullness I think.

flounce made of a 1/2 circle. Actually looks fuller in ‘real life’.

Now I’d decided what style I wanted my skirt I then had to decide on the fabric.  I came across an old 100% cotton duvet with a swirly pattern stitched onto one side:

The duvet is actually white, and the stitching is blue, beige and silver.

I had a quick trip out and bought a Dylon machine washing dye in Denim blue and popped it in the machine with the white flounces I’d previously cut out, a white cotton muslin for a jacket and some other small pieces of white cotton which would be big enough to make bias trim in case I needed some.

I’d definately exceeded the 600g of fabric they suggested for the fabric to be dyed the full dark colour, but as the jeans are faded slightly I didn’t think it would matter.

Here’s the material in my washing machine just a couple of minutes into the cycle. I think it looks like a scan photo!! Can you see it’s face?! Not sure if it’s a boy or a girl!

I had to put the machine on a full cotton 40 wash which lasted an exceedingly long 2 hours.  I then removed everything to have a peek before putting it back on for another cycle to wash out the dye.  It looked a bit patchy, but nothing terrible.  Now all I have to do is wait for this to finish…..only 27 minutes, not that I’m counting.

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have my new Diesel skirt to show you!  I’m golfing tomorrow, working Wednesday and taking my mum in law for a scan on Thursday, but I WILL finish it this week.

Has anyone else tried dyeing fabric clothes before?  If so, have you any tips? And, more importantly, have you refashioned any of your favourite jeans?  If so, how did you do it, and do you have any links to photos?  Also, if you think my idea will look naff, please tell me!!

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    • Thanks! Have a go, you’ve nothing to loose if it’s something that your not going to wear.
      Word has got round with my friends & one’s given me a dress and a jumper today! Watch this space….😃✂️😃

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