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And the winner is……

Last Sunday I posted my 1950s outfit I’d made for a themed party I had been invited to. I had some fabric left and made some cute coasters with a pattern from Craftsy.

I’d never done a ‘giveaway’ before and decided to give the coasters to one of my fellow bloggers.
Although I know you’re all extremely capable of making them yourselves I still find it nice to receive handmade gifts from others and thought you might too!! Originally I was going to pick the names out of my crocheted hat, but I can’t find it!!
So I’ve used the online random number generator:

Congratulations to OurSewingPatch at ‘Sewinlove‘!
Her blog is amazing, full of inspiration!
If you drop me an email
Ali underscore kelly AT
And let me know your address I’ll pop them in the post! X

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