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Refashioning my Diesel Jeans – 2

A couple of weeks ago I decided to refashion my diesel jeans, part 1 can be seen here.

I’ve put so much thought into  doing them, more time thinking than sewing, as I wanted them to be just right.

I’d pinned various fabric to the jeans before choosing which I would actually use.

Eventually I decided to use the plain blue which had been dyed.  I spent a whole afternoon creating lots of stitches onto it with a twin needle and 2 colours – charcoal and a goldy colour – to give the fabric a bit more interest.

I made single, double and triple rows of twin needle stitching randomly across the fabric.

Originally they were going to be pintucks, but then tension on my machine wasn’t behaving, hence going for just the parallel stitces, but suddenly in the middle of sewing unwanted pintucks began to form!! Rather annoying after many failed attempts to create them early.

I was using my newly acquired pin-tuck foot. When I sacked the idea and went for the parallel stitches I kept my pin-tuck foot on and used it to guide my 2nd and 2rd row of stitches.

Once the bottom piece was ready I chopped the legs of my jeans and joined the crotch to form a skirt.  If you’re thinking about having a go at refashioning your own jeans, beware!! This part was way trickier than I thought it would be.

I stitched the front and back where i had previously pinned but had a sticky out bit at the front – not a good look!

2nd attempt at crotch – no photo of the first as I was so annoyed I ripped out the stitches before taking a photo. You can see on No 2 where it sticks out at the front, just below the zip.

Crotch no 3 – still sticking out!

Crotch attempt no 4 – I bravely cut right up to the zip, hope I would be able to manipulate the fabric more and have a flatter front!

Whoop- Whoop!!! It worked!

I pleated across the top of the fabric (with my ruffling foot)to be attached, and sewed a row of stitches to the jeans part. I was then able to match up the 2 rows of stitches which made connected the 2 pieces together easier.

Voila! The finished result!


I’m gutted!!  It looks terrible on!  Not at all flattering!

I’ve decided to abandon the project for now, and in the meantime hunt out some floaty fabric, probably floral, and later in the summer make it into a maxi skirt.  Watch out for Diesel Jeans Refashion No 3!

Even thought I’m really disappointed with the finished result, on a positive note, I think I’ve conquered my twin needle phobia!

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    • Maybe in the summer with tanned legs it will look better, if not, ‘snip-snip’ and redo!

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