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Happy Birthday Mum!

A little belated Birthday wish for my lovely mum, and introducing my niece to sewing!

It was my mum’s birthday at the end of January but unfortunatley whilst my sewing mojo has been in overdrive I’ve had writers block with the blogging!   Think it’s due to a combination of finding the time candy crush saga and also having some decent photos to add to it.

So here we are, I’ll share with you what I made for my mum:

My mum’s always super busy in the kitchen making yummy things. As she is vertically challenged I thought I’d make her an apron that wouldn’t reach her ankles.

And a crocheted scarf that turned out so well it was really difficult for Thimberlina to part with!

I found the pattern for the scarf in an old copy of Crochet magazine. I followed the instructions but mine turned out much shorter, which has made it warmer and cosier.

The scarf can be worn a few ways:

The scarf who really easy.  The only challenging part was counting the chains for each length – over 100!!

 I also made her a top which is on an earlier post here.

Just after my mum’s birthday my brother and his family came up from Southampton for a long weekend.  It was great to see them, and I was able to spend some quality sewing time with Ebony, my niece.

She loved the fabric I used for my 1950’s outfit and ‘we’ made her a zipper pouch with some of the leftovers. We worked out the maths and she did all the cutting out (she loved the rotary cutter!!) and she did all the straight stitching – I inserted the zip, and when we turned it the right way round at the end I think she was amazed by how it turned out!

Once we’d finished, in typical 11 year old style, she disappeared to play on the xbox with Harrison, so I made her a little purse so match…..

Hopefully over the weekend I’ll be able to get some photos of my moleskin trousers I’ve made for this months challenge on the Monthly Stitch, and what I think will be my most favourite skirt ever that I made yesterday.

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  1. onedabbles says

    Very nice presents. I love the crocheted scarf and the ultra-cute purse/zipper bags for your niece. You are clever. You lost me at ‘we worked out the maths’!

    • Thanks!
      It was just the working out how big to make the pieces for the box pleats on the outside.

  2. Nice gifts! Your mum must have been very happy with those. I like the pleats in the pouch, really adds an extra touch.

    • Yes, she thought they were fab!
      She’s you to thank for the scarf as it was your post that pushed me to learn how to crochet! Thankyou!! 😃

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