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TMS – Pants Challenge

Phew! Talk about Cutting it fine.  February’s challenge for The Monthly Stitch is to make pants. Or trousers, or slacks depending whereabouts in the world you might be.

So here’s my moleskin Manhattan Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick trousers. I bought the PDF version of the pattern for $12 (about £7) as I didn’t want to wait for it to be shipped from the USA.

This pattern company designs patterns for petites – I’m 5’4″ so not too small but not tall either. Neither am I a skinny bitch or a curvy chick, but hey ho, I loved the free Tonic T pattern that I made here, and here for my mum in law, so thought I’d given the Manhattan pants a whirl.

Sticking together the PDF pattern pieces wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Not sure if it was my printer but I lost some of the lines near the edge of the paper and had to draw them in where I thought they might go…..

The red lines are what I needed to draw in. Not such a big deal really.

Once I started sewing they were a dream to put together. The instructions and diagrams were very clear, and there is also extra help on SBCC’s blog to help with the fly construction, some handy tips for choosing your size and adjusting the waist. And fitting.

I didn’t make a muslin as I was fairly confident that if I went with my hip size they’d fit. And they did!

The fabric is a 100% cotton moleskin in a dark, not quite chocolately, brown. I’ve had this fabric about 15 years, and there was 3m of it. I can only think I must have bought it with the intention of making my hubby some trousers otherwise I wouldn’t have bought so much. (He’s 6′ 3″ with a 35″ inside leg, think he got my share!).

I soooo glad I didn’t make him some. These trousers are sooo comfy and warm. Perfect for walking in on a cold day. I can wear them with my boots and a big jumpers or with my loafers and a couple of thin layers on top. The only down side is that they take forever to dry when washed.

So, moving on,  more pix of the pants……..

My favourite part and of which I am most proud is the fly. A couple of times I’ve even be known to unzip and show it off to friends who’ve admired my new trousers! 

This is a bit overexposed (the photo not me!) but it shows the front quite well. It looks on the photo that there’s some tension in the waist band but there isn’t – honest!

Before I go, I have to say, Have you noticed the scarf? I can’t believe it’s only 2 months since I took the Craftsy course and learnt to crochet. I found this pattern on Craftsy for only $1 and started it 3 nights ago. I just had a couple of quietish night shifts and 3 hours yesterday and it’s done! Love it. The wool was an inherited UFO from my mum.  She started making me a cardigan a year or so ago but only made the back. So I’ve a few balls of this lovely wool, not sure what the rest will be yet, I might have a go at some mittens before the weather warms up.


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  2. Those look great! And the scarf, too. I’ve thought about trying that pants pattern, I’m 5’0″! I just made my first pair of real pants, the StyleARC Elle pants. Now I’m itching to make more pants!

    • Go for it! Just had a look at yours, they’re fab!
      I think the thought of making pants is worse than doing them. Last year I made the simplicity amazing fit ones. They’re wearable but made with a stretch sateen so sometimes feel a bit big. But, the instructions were a great learning curve of where to let the seams in and out for different fit problems. 😀✂️😀

  3. Looks like success with the pants and the scarf! As I said before I have yet to sew some pants but watching how other’s do it is an education for me!

  4. My Sewing Suite says

    Great Pants! I had never heard of that pattern. Thanks for telling us so much about it, I have enjoyed hearing details about new patterns from do many in the group.

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