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The Frock – Vogue 1353 – #Wedding No 1

I should really have gone to bed 4 hours ago after working my 4th and last night shift but I’m too excited to sleep!! My fabric arrived in the post on Saturday and today is the first chance I’ve had to cut it out. It’s a very drapey poly crepe which hangs beautifully, but I think it will be the totally wrong fabric for V1353 which has 6 pleats round the neck, and pleated round the top if the skirt. I’ve decided to underline my fashion fabric with some white cotton that has more body than a pint of Guinness and will hopefully add some definition to the pleats. Over the past few weeks, whilst my sewing machine was in hibernation, I’ve been reading several blogs and also Threads website regarding different techniques of under lining fabric. Some say to hand stitch all over, some just to whiz around the edges……mmmm, how shall I do mine?

Here is my fabric spilling off the table, organised chaos as usual, and more TV dinners I think lay ahead this week.


…..jumping forward 2 hours…..

Here’s my main fabric, lovingly attached with lots of hand stitching to the underlining:



Whoa! Busy day, much accomplished. It’s now about 10 hours since I got home from work this morning and I’ve not stopped working on my dress ‘cept to eat, drink or go to the loo!

The bodice and the bodice lining are complete, tho not attached. That’s a job for tomorrow.

I’m in desperate need of feet up time and hopefully do some more tomorrow, after a game of golf and taking H to his Yorkshire cricket trials….nail biting stuff!

Here’s the bodice, complete with green hand stitching which has tamed the underlining and lots of basting to hold the pleats in place. Looks a little messy but I’m really pleased with it so far.


I think I’m going to overlock the raw edges tomorrow before I complete the bodice.

A few firsts for me here so far making this little number:

First time tracing a pattern properly.

20140428-180824.jpg First time making a proper muslin. Must remember next time to use similar fabric. I did intend to make it up in a stretch cotton sateen until this orange beauty caught my eye! So fingers crossed there’ll be room to breathe in this very unstretchy dress!

First time underlining. Love how it’s give structure to this otherwise floppy fabric!

And lastly, the first time I’ve given myself more than 2 days to make a frock for an imminent do!

Now I’m just wondering if I should change the skirt to a 1/4 or 1/2 circle. I don’t want to underlined the skirt, it will make it too warm I think, and really not sure his this fabric would hang in pleats??

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  1. springystitches says

    I love the fabric and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished article! I’m new to the blogging/dressmaking world and it’s so inspiring to see other people’s projects. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome, and also welcome to the blogosphere! I still feel really new and I started blogging last September. But it’s great learning from other people, I love it! Have you seen ‘The Monthly Stitch’?

  2. PS excuse all the spelling errors, I’m too tired to edit it, will have to wait until tomorow!

    • Thanks, it was a bit fiddly, I lost count of the number of times I unpicked my basting stitches before I was happy with it.

  3. Lovely fabric! Sounds like you have quite a few firsts with this one, but with that fabric it is going to turn out great!

    • Can’t wait to finish it, can’t believe how long it takes doing the job properly!

  4. Looks very organised from here. What are you using to trace you pattern? (I have, ahem, resorted to greaseproof paper and some acetate that was lying around when I had to trace pattern pieces out of a book, must look into getting something proper).

    • I used grease proof paper too! Worked fine and was cheap. I’ve notice other bloggers tracing paper has little crosses on but I’ve not seen that anywhere to buy.

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