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Maria Denmark’s Yasmin Yoke Skirt

Introducing my new favourite pattern…….

The Yasmin Yoke Skirt

Maria Denmark’s Yasmin Yolk Skirt

I’ve made 3 in the last week.  It’s rare I ever make 2 of anything never mind 3.  The last time I made more than one of anything was when I made my Bridesmaid’s dresses almost 14 years ago!

I stumbled across Maria’s patterns when browsing the different Indie patterns I’d never heard of after reading various blogs promoting  Indie Pattern month.  The Yolk is designed to disguise “tummy fluff” (as she describes it).  I’m all for that!  Since I stopped smoking just over 12 weeks ago (pat on the back…) I’ve put on about 7 lbs.  This feels to have been distributed very unevenly – bust 1 lb, waist 5 1/2 lbs, hips 1/2 lb. It’s driving me mad – the extra pounds more than the no smoking.  Most of my clothes are too tight and as I’ve joined Goodbye Valentino‘s 2014 RTW Fast I can’t nip out to buy anything new and stretchy to tide me over til I loose these new found inches.  And, I’m really reluctant to sew as I don’t want to spend hours making something that won’t fit me if and when I loose the extra wieight.

Enough of waffling on…back to Yasmin!

The pattern is a PDF to download.  Of all the other patterns I’ve downloaded this was the easiest I’ve put together.  Once stuck together I traced off my size then added 15mm seam allowances.  I’ve never used a pattern before without seam allowances.  When I cut out my fabric I used carbon paper to transfer the pattern markings onto the fabric.  This seemed to take forever – I transferred the sewing lines and also the outer edges.

The outer red line is the outer edge of the seam allowance.  The other is the stitching line.  As you can see I needed to take it in a little bit more.  The fabric I used for this skirt was a strech cotton sateen.  

 Here’s my first Yasmin.  Unfortunately I haven’t (yet) any pix of me wearing it but I wore it lots last weekend.

I used a black stretch cotton sateen for the yolk and pocket. This created an accidental optical illusion – my waist looked smaller!

I’m really pleased with the back. The invisible zip went in a treat – I always refer back to the FREE zipper Craftsy class when inserting zips.  Also, check out the pattern matching….Now where’s that seam gone?!

I used sexy pink bias binding to finish off the bottom of the facing and some shop bought leopard print bias from my stash around the pockets.  

My only real blunder was forgetting to overlock the centre back edge before adding the zip. When I tried to do it after I couldn’t get all the way up to the top so used a zig zag on the hard to reach parts.

Yasmin number 2 was made using a linen blend navy blue fabric.  I bought a metre for £4.99 on my way home from work last Wednesday.   I had a golf team match on Thursday and needed navy shorts/skirt and my usual ones were obscenely tight and my backside.   Luckily it was a red hot evening so the fabric had a quick wash then on the line and I was ready to start sewing by 7pm.  By 10pm Yasmin number 2 was ready for action on the golf course.  She’s in the wash, pix to follow, but there fabric I used can be seen in the pockets of Yasmin number 3.

Today I dug out a small piece of fairly stiff denim from my stash.  It was only 24″ long, and 60″ wide.  There was only enough to cut out the front, back and 1 set of facings.

For the inside facing of Yasmin no. 3 I used a stiff patterned denim. I’ve only got a few biggish scraps of this and was never sure what to do with it. The splodgy part of the pattern always reminds my of what chocolate looks like on you clothes when you’ve sat on it!

Think this is my favourite Yasmin so far. The stiff denim holds everything in, and shows the A-line style best.  I wore it today with a pair of orange high wedges and felt slimmer than I have in ages!

Loving the contrasting pockets, but think this fabric will prove to be too flimsy next to the robust denim.

This seam matches up better.

I now use my regular zipper foot instead of the cheap plastic invisible one I bought, I find I can control the position of the needle better and usually move it more to the left nearer the teeth.

I’m not a show off, but I do think I’m getting better at inserting zips and matching up the seams. This isn’t ripply when worn.  I’m a bit bigger than Gertrude at the minute!

I had to sew 3 seams before I was happy with the fit. The instructions say to fit and pin, but on each skirt I’ve just sewn a basting stitch first, tried it on and adjusted it from the there.  Each one has needed different adjustments, they were all the same size but completely different fabric.

Once I was happy with the size I finished the seam with my overlocker and pressed the seam to the back.


Inner Beauty!

Hope you’re all enjoying Indie pattern month.

I’ve been so inspired I find myself spending more time reading sewing blogs than at my sewing machine!

My overlocker’s matching frock to Yasmin No 1! Made a while ago, unblogged.


  1. onedabbles says

    Love the pattern and three (gasp in admiration) skirts you’ve made. I discovered Maria Denmark last week too but have only drooled at the screen so far. Do you think this pattern would suit some very fine/thin non-stretch corduroy? Thanks.

    • Yes, definately. I can’t think of any fabric it wouldn’t suit. My first one, the stretch cotton sateen had a little bit of body, the linen one was very drapey and the last one is as stiff as cardboard! All turned out great in their own little way tho! 😀

  2. These are fabulous and I love how the inside is as neat as the outside! That is always my aim! 😃 they look so much more professional without any shortcuts!

    • Thanks!
      The first one took a while to make with all the bias binding and having to read the instructions. The other 2 took just over 2 hours, not quite as ‘finished off’ as the first but overlocking makes them look instantly professional with not much effort. 😀

      • Yes, I had a little go on an over locker and think I may add to my wish list! My motto is …don’t cut corners! Because it has such an impact on my finished garment!

  3. Great skirts. I’ve made two of these. You must get her Day-to-night top. I adore it.
    Maria does great basics – timeless and well drafted

  4. Your skirt looks great and I love the over locker cover. And I wish I could let this go, but I just can’t: it’s yoke, not yolk.

    • Ooops! I’m really glad you’ve not let it go, i’m on my phone at the minute but will change it first chance i get 🐣

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