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TMS – Sew Stretchy

For May’s challenge at The Monthly Stitch I’ve made a top and also refashioned one of my favourite T Shirts.

Whilst flicking through the Great British Sewing Bee’s book from the 2nd series I decided to make the simple T Shirt.  It calls for a floaty fabric, not a ponte knit as I chose!

As you can see it is really simple, as the name suggests, as there are only 2 pieces.

I only had 60cm of the stripey ponte knit so had to be a little creative and decided to adapt the pattern so it had raglan sleeves. I also lengthened it by 3 inches for adequate tummy coverage.

I cut where I thought the seam should go at the back and front and stuck the chopped off pieces to make my raglan sleeves.  I didn’t bother to add anything extra for seam allowances as the fabric has stretch and is loosely fitted so thought it would have enough ease without.  

 As you can see from my pattern I’ve cut out a size 18.  This is the biggest size, here’s the size chart from the book:

I’m a size 18 for bust and waist, but a 12/14 for hips. I know there’s lots of you out there that are smaller than me, but also lots who are bigger too and think maybe that the included patterns should have more larger sizes.

It all went together fairly straight forward.  I stitched sleaves to the back and front, pressed the seam downwards top stitched.  I now think I should have maybe pressed the seam upwards and had the top stitching (or is it edge stitching?!?!) on the sleeve, not on the main body of the top.  I then stitched the side seams.

For the neck line I folded a strip of the fabric and stitched it to the outside, turned it in, pressed and top stitched.

For the hem I follow the instructions from when I made By Hands Pollly Top which makes it really easy to sew hem which isn’t straight.

I’ve wore this top loads in the last 2 weeks – made it in time but late blogging. It looks great with linen pants and also some beige cut offs.

The obligatory inside shot when things go smoothly.

Lastly, I stretched my time to fit in a little refashion.  Not something I’ve done much of in the past, but as I’ve signed up for the RTW Fast and am 5/12’s of the way through I need to keep battling on.  It’s the time factor juggling my sewing time between things I ‘need’ and things I ‘really need’.

Here’s an old favourite, my Levi’s T Shirt.  It had a band around the arm which were a little tight on my biceps. Not bingo wings here!! Thinks it’s all the lifting at work I do.  If only my abs were as toned!

As you can see the fabric is reversible – the inside is a lovely small flowery print.

I chopped it in the middle, turned it around, chopped off the arm cuffs, turned over and tacked in place.

Good luck ladies with June’s challenge!


  1. I really like the shape of that Sewing Bee tee (and I have the book, so…), and your refashion is so cute. (I quite liked the look of it with the exposed seams, too!)

    • Thanks Rachel, if you make the T check the length before you cut out, it’s really short!
      I zigzagged over the exposed seams so they lie flat.
      Liking with your projects for sew stretchy….3….impressive! 😀

  2. Good eye… Mixing the stripes and the florals! I have seen the odd indie pattern go up to larger sizes. Maybe it is a lot of work to make them in all those sizes? But I think part of the reason some people sew is because RTW just doesn’t fit, so sewing it yourself you can choose smaller here or bigger there!

    • Thanks!
      I suppose sewers do take it for granted that we can adjust things to fit. We’re a lucky bunch really 😀

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