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2 down, 3 to go – Vogue 1353

As some of you will know we have 5 wddings to attend this year, and Vogue 1353 was made for one or two of the weddings.  It could even be for all 5 as there will be totally different guests at each one!

If been putting off blogging about Vogue 1353 which I managed to finish in time for wedding number 1. Reasons being:

  • Lack of photos of it being worn.. Well, lack of flattering photos. Photo top left is of me doing the “…..Y…M…C….A…..”
  • I’ve gone off the fabric a little bit, and am regretting making it in such bold material.
  • I had a few hiccups whilst making it which ended up reducing it’s likeability factor.
But, hey oh, it’s finished and I’ve worn it 3 times so I’ll share it with you.
Before I carry on, I NEED to show you Cheryl’s, from Redknits Birthday dress a.k.a. Vogue 1353.  It’s gorgous, and it gives you an idea how mine would have hanged if I’d have used the right fabric! Can you see how it stands out……?

Click HERE to be taken to Cheryl’s blog.  

  I’ve just deleted loads of text.  This could have ended up being a really long post, so instead I’ll add my photos with just a few words.

Hemming nightmare!  Despite spending hours hand stitching the fashion fabric and the interlining together when I  came to hemming it puffed out and wouldn’t hang straight.  I unpicked the horse hair, made 3 more attempts at stitching it.  I eventually put a film on the TV, set up Gertrude in front of it with the dress and spent the afternoon handstichting the hem. It worked, ish.  I have spotted a couple of tiny baggy sticky out bit on the hem but no one else has, or at least they haven’t said.

No one has noticed this either. Even I can’t when I’m wearing it! This is the centre back seem…..really no idea how this happened, I didn’t notice until it was way too late to fix it.

A proud moment – I’m loving the inside!

mmmm, the back doesn’t look so bad either!

Loving the neckline. The pleats stay in place beautifully, no need to be adjusting it when I’m wearing it.

The pleats hang great. The cotton interlining really helps the fabric hold its shape. unfortunately it hangs too straight down, unlike Cheryl’s above.

Hubby and little H (little H cos my sisters Big H tho little H is now the biggest!) both got orange ties.  Not sure now if that was a good move…….

Little H – you can just about see his tie!

Does anyone remember the Wig Wam Bam?   I think one of the best things about a wedding is a good knees up on the dance floor.  The wedding reception was in the bride and grooms gardens so felt a bit silly doing the wig wam bam in daylight, but not half  as silly as I looked…..!

When I wore the dress the 3rd time (2nd was at wedding no 2), I added a skinny black belt and wore my 1950’s underskirt undereath. I really wish I’d thought of that at the beginning!

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  1. Looks great! And how perfect is the inside! Wow! That’s what I aspire to! Well done to you!

  2. Even if it didn’t turn out as you intended I think it still looks great on you. The colours definitely work.

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