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4 Espressos, with Cake Please

Whilst lots of you have joined in the OWOP challenge (one week one pattern – wearing the same pattern every day, Carolyn being my favourite with her collection of Archers), I’ve subconsciously been having my own little challenge – OSOP – one sumner one pattern! My wardrobe staple this summer has been the Yasmin Yoke skirt. I have my 3 denim ones (light, dark and black), my leopard print and my linen one.  Joining the RTW fast has (and putting on a few 20 pounds stopping smoking) has made it difficult to find something to wear in my vast wardrobe. That’s when the Yasmin Yoke Skirt came to the rescue. On fat days she sits on my waist and on thin not so fat days she sits more on my hips.

Now Autumn is upon on, I’m now needing a little more leg coverage. I’ve worn Yasmin 5 with woolly tights and boots, But I stumbled across Cake’s Espresso leggings and read the wonderful reviews, and now 5 pairs later I’m loving them!!

Flower power jeggings! A cotton mix stretch woven.

As there was less stretch than a jersey I added a good 1/2 inch all the way round. They’ve turned out a little wrinkly in parts but this is disguised with the busy pattern.

I also made a pair for my mum in some denim look Jersey.  She’s only 5’1″ so often finds it difficult to buy well fitting clothes. They’re so comfy and look like skinny jeans when worn.

When I took them to her house Little H (now bigger than me!) modelled them for her…..

Mother and son with matching leggings!! Is this a first?!?!

Woooooo…. My long legs!

Introducing the full collection. The pink ones were my first test pair. Amazing fit, just a shame they’re pink, or a shame I’m not 5 years old. The second were the blue ones, I’ve nearly worn them out already.  Third were the flower jeggings and last black ones in a ponte knit.


I think this post will tick a few boxes for this month’s Monthly stitch…..

Sew Stretchy

Sewing Double

Indie Pattern Month – a new designer

Get in there girl!

How’s the rest of you coping with the RTW fast and other challenges in the blogging world?

I’m not doing too bad, but sewing more than blogging, so now I need to concentrate on updating my blog. I can’t wait to tell you have my crochet addiction has progressed and show you my summer bag.  So go on then, here it is!

Here’s the pic from the pattern I followed. I only have a copy of it so unfortunately I don’t know the name of the magazine. It was love at first sight and what made me want to learn to crochet

My summer handbag!

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