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Prima Playsuit

I’d been ‘toying’ with the idea of making a playsuit.  However, are they age appropriate for someone who is 40 something? Three things made me think “sod it! I’m making one anyway”


We have been having the most amazing weather and I need one.

I found an old pattern from Prima August 2002 in my stash.

Scooter Phoenix is having a Jump Suit Challenge.  I like to call mine a play suit!

So here’s the pattern I used:
It was an absolute doddle to put together.  I’d never made anything with an elasticated waist before and it was really easy. It turned out much better than I thought and have even been seen out and about  in public wearing it.  I made it with 1.5 m of sequinned jersey I bought from Dewsbury.  It was 150cm wide and £2/m.  The sequins are stuck on, and there’s other patterns too in bronze colours.
 I thought initially it would just be good for:


After speaking to friends in Canada and America it was strange to find they don’t ‘peg out’. This seems odd to me as in the beginning of the year it’s a big event when the weather turns and we can finally peg out!

It’s the only chore I do with a smile on my face!!


I have a trowel in my hand, it looks like i’m just pointing at the ground!  The elasticated top is fab for gardening.  Usually when wearing a vest top when you lean over “things” can fall out.  This doesn’t happen with the playsuit.  (please note hubby if you do read this,  this is evidence that I do things at home other than sewing!)


Such strenuous activity in this heat.

But its good for chillaxing too!
For those of you thinking of making one too you could probably manage to make one without a pattern.  You could use for the bottom any drawstring trouser/PJ bottoms pattern, and just a tube for the top, or a vest top.  Just add a couple of extra inches for where they join together in the middle to make the elastic casing.
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  1. This post really made me smile! I often ponder whether or not things are suitable for over 40s, and like you, generally come to the ‘sod it’ conclusion too. If you feel comfortable in it and it doesn’t embarrass your kids then why not? And this hot weather (although currently thundering here, so may well be about to break…) has definitely got me wearing things I wouldn’t normally consider.

    • We’ve had some heavy down pours too, but no thunder….just the other side of the pennines to you. The sun is shining now, let’s hope we have the hot weather back, fingers crossed!

  2. Hi Alison,

    Your playsuit looks so cute…and your post was fun to read with my morning coffee!
    (I “peg out” as soon as spring hits. I even rigged up a clothesline on our deck!)
    Have a great day!

    Alberta, Canada

    • Thanks Val,
      We have family nr Vancouver and she says she’s not allowed and everything goes in the dryer.
      But your from Alberta – one of my bestest work buddies went to live there a few years ago. I’ve seen how cold your winters get so I bet it’s such a relief when Spring comes!

  3. Hey! Looks great. I have that pattern somewhere! Yes, 40+ s need to wear play suits and jumpsuits! Defo!

    • Think you need to dig it out and join the party 🎉🎊🎈while the Sun is still shining 😄

        • We had one realiser, raindrops the size if golf balls, but there’s always tomorrow 💦😄💧

          • Ah! Heading north then! I have a few jumpsuits…I love them. I even wore one to school the other week and everyone said I was far too glamorous for work! Haha

  4. No, we in U.S. can’t/aren’t allowed in many places to peg out. Was just talking with a friend who also missed being able to do that here.

  5. Love it! You look so dang comfy in it. I agree in making the casing part longer, that was such a PITA on my jumper. #challengeCompleted

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