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Colette Albion #1

A few weeks ago I bought a Colette pattern – the albion jacket/coat with the intention of making it for my hubby.  As we sewers do, I spents hours some time looking on the net for ideas.  I couldn’t believe how many versions there were out there for ladies.  This caused me to think that I didn’t want my hubby thinking I was making him a jacket as a practice run for mine, so I decided to make one for myself first!

I had some cotton herrinbone twill in my stash, which I bought when I was in Cornwall in August 2013.  Perfect!

I bought the accompanying ebook Companion from The Coletterie to help me along, and I soon had all my pieces cut out and a narrow shoulder adjustment made.  (I don’t have narrow shoulders, but I made a one armed muslin and decided I needed to loose a good inch due to it being a man’s pattern.)

I even made all my own bias trim!! I didn’t go for the continuous method. I just did it in strips, which worked out ok as I never needed to join 2 strips together as there wasn’t any need for any extra long pieces of bias.

One of the first things I did was to practice flat felled seams as they were a feature on the front of the jacket so had to be spot on.

Well, try as I might, I couldn’t get them to look good enough for the front.  They’d be passable for the seam on the hood but not on the front.

I decided to see what a trim of the shell fabric would look like, and sewed it like you would when you add piping but without the cord.  I was super duper pleased with the effect!

The jacket (I was making the short version with inseam pocket and no patch pockets) came together really easy.  I loved every minute of sewing this.  Even finishing all the raw edges with bias trim, it just gave a dull coloured coat the WOW factor!

I had 2 disasters though whilst making the jacket.

No 1 Disaster

Whilst trimming the seam allowance at the head of the sleeve I accidentally snipped into the sleeve!!! ARRRRHHHHHH!

I almost cried. It almost became a UFO.

I didn’t have any fabric left to cut another sleeve. I pinch together the sleeve head and pinned but I lost too much length off the sleeve and it looked daft.

 That’s all for now folks! Didn’t want to write too long a post, so tune in next time to see how I overcame this mini disaster, and also how this jacket became my most expensive garment ever owned (with the exception of my wedding dress!).

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  1. I have slipped with the seam ripper a few times and had to patch holes but it is so disheartening 😦 I can’t wait to see what you did with this. It looks like it is coming along quite nicely. Hope to see pics of your bias trim on the raw edges 🙂

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