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Newlook 6648 – Again!

I decided I needed a new top for a night out on Friday for a colleagues leaving do.  I had this fabric in my stash, a soft viscose jersey with a 4 way stretch. I bought it off Ebay, and including P&P was just under £5 for a 1.2 m remnant.

newlook 6648 2

I fell in love with it when I saw it and would probably have gotten into a bidding war if necessary, but thank goodness it didn’t come to that.

I pulled out Newlook 6648 and chose view A:


I’ve made it before, seen here, and I’ve also used view D without the band and lengthened it to make a dress.  In a stretch jersey here, and a polyester cut on the bias here.

I didn’t have enough fabric for the band, which was ok as the last time I made this I found it a bit too tight.

newlook 6648 3

As you can see the pieces only just fitted on.  I was able to add 2″ to the bottom of the back and front, and luckily as it had a 4 way stretch I was able to use the strip of spare fabric to the right for the neck binding and a band at the bottom (similar to how the Sewaholic Renfrew is finished).

newlook 6648 4

God know why I straining my neck like that, maybe trying to get it out of the camera.!! This was when I’d sewn the front and back pieces together.  The neck hole is made 2 inches smaller than the pattern, my first one gaped, and so does everyone elses on the internet who’ve made this. I love how it’s turned out! It’s comfy and very ‘me’! The pattern of the fabric goes really well the with slouchy look of the top and I can see me wearing it loads.

I made it from start to finish in 2 hours.  It was all done on the overlocker except hemming the sleeves and topstitching the neck band.  It would have been quicker but my sewing machine kept playing up.  I changed the needle 3 times, and lost count of the number of times I re-threaded it, and I changed the thread.  Still don’t know why it was acting funny.  I even took off the plate for a fluff check!  I do need a new light bulb though. It has just a box standard bulb, no fancy lighting, but when it went I couldn’t believe how much I missed it!  I did improvise though.  I used the torch on my iPhone with it stuffed down my bra!!

Me – my usual smiley self!

newlook 6648 10

Me – looking over the hedge into next doors garden

newlook 6648 9

Me – looking at my empty washing line.

newlook 6648 8

Me – wondering if the kettles boiled yet.

newlook 6648 7

And finally, yes you guessed, it’s me again!  This time checking out the snow in the back garden!

newlook 6648 6

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to make a start on my Valentine Dress.  We’re going to a dinner dance with some friends for Valentines day, so a new frock is needed!  I’m not fasting but I don’t want to buy one when I can made one.  I’m thinking I might make the Dandelion Dress from Seamster Patterns.

I’ve bought 2m of a stretch cotton sateen from Croft Mill.  I’ve not shopped there before but I’ve spent hours looking at their website.  How they describe there fabric is brilliant and often hilarious!

Here’s the description for my latest fabric purchase:

145cm wide black 97% cotton, 3% lycra dress fabric in a stunning black and white abstract floral design. It’s a fairly large design, so wont suit all…but it’s a corker.

This is quite tame compared to some.  If you’re up to date with your blog reading and a little bored, you could soon pass an hour browsing their website.  This really tickled my on their front page under a picture of their waterproof fabric –

Because we wouldn’t want you to get soaked to the bone, we’ve got you some wonderful new waterproof and water resistant fabrics. Aren’t we nice?

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  1. Your posts always make me smile 🙂 Another ‘corker’ of a make from your fair hands and loving the captions. I never manage more than a goody smile in my shots, anything else just feels ridiculous, and don’t get me started on my new selfie stick 😉

    • Thankyou!
      Your selfie stick is fab and is better than having to rely on others. I have always struggled but then a couple of weeks ago found my timer for my big camera, so now I don’t have to pester my 12 year old! It is had to not feel ridiculous tho even with the timer 😄

      • Yep, my children are certainly better than my husband, but that’s not saying much… Jury’s out on the selfie stick, we’ll see- does make me laugh though 🙂

  2. Very nicely done! And your model poses with commentary make me laugh! …waiting for the kettle…. Do you think that is what the pros are thinking about? Or maybe they are doing the math… How much money am I making doing this silly pose?

  3. Love your new top and yes, the chuckles too. your poses and comments are actually inspiring. Should help to make my next photo shoot more fun to think about your post. LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m not sure if it’s harder with the remote clicker and no one watching, or with someone taking the pictures? Either way I feel daft. And I try and hide the remote! Why?!?! I’ve no idea!
      Maybe we should try and feature the remote in our photos? 😀

  4. Jeanie says

    Fab top and your commentary always makes me chuckle. I absolutely think you should go for the dandelion dress it will make a fabulous addition to ‘our’ collection, lol!

    • Haha! I had a change of heart, (like that….Valentine’s day an all that!!) and muslinned the ruby dress from the love sewing mag – fail! Tonight after watching the sewing bee I’ve muslinned simplicity 1611. More promising! X

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