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The Chunky Headband Pattern

In yesterday’s post I told you about my first ever crochet pattern!

Thimberlina Chunky Head Band 1

Here it is!


I used 1 x 100g ball of Sirdar Denim Ultra Chunky & a 10mm hook for the blue one, but with the pink one I used 2 strands of a chunky wool & a 8mm hook (no bobbles – I just used row A)

The blue one is 6″ wide and the pink is 5″ wide. ย The finished width will depend on your tension, hook and yarn. ย I’ve also made not so chunky, narrower ones and they look good too!

chunky head band

Thimberlina Chunky Head Band 5

Thimberlina Chunky Head Band 1 (1)

Chain 15

Foundation row: skip first chain, SC in 2nd chain and the remaining chains – 14 stitches in total.

All stitches from now on will be worked into the back loops only – this creates the rib effect.

Row A: chain 1. SC into the back loop of all 14 stitches.

Row B: chain 1. SC x 3. TC. SC. TC. SC x 2. TC. SC. TC. SC x 3

Here’s another way of looking at row B:
chain 1. S S S T S T S S T S T S S S
S = single crochet*
T = treble crochet*

The pattern is made of:
Row A x 3, Row B x 1, Row A x 3, Row B x 1

Continue until it fits around your head, then connect each end together with slip stitches. Weave in loose ends and wear with pride!

Don’t make it too big! It will stretch to fit if on the snug side, but they’re hard to shrink! The pink one above has a tendency to slide down so I tend to wear it as a neck warmer.

When chaining at the start make sure you chain loosely or when you finish the starting edge may be slightly narrower than the finished edge.

I have in the past ended up with wonky edges – a lot!!! To stop this make sure your first stitch is the one immediately next to the chain 1. As you crochet along count, then when you get to the end you know when you’ve done the 14th one. The 14th is sometimes hard to find!

The width can be varied to suit your own style. If you’re adding bobbles plan your bobbles before you start so they’re evening spaced.

*SC = single crochet (USA) double crochet (UK)
*TC = treble crochet (USA) double treble (UK)

Good luck!

If you come across any problems let me know.

I have the pattern on an A4 sheet as a PDF. Let me know if you’d like a copy sending to you.

Thimberlina Chunky Head Band 3 (1)

How not to wear a hat!

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  2. I’ve finally been learning to crochet today ๐Ÿ™‚ Might be a while before I can follow an actual pattern though… Will have to come back to this in a few months.

  3. Your first pattern – how exciting! Well done, they look lovely and one that doubles up as a scarf, intentionally or otherwise, can only be a good thing:)

    • When I wear the pink one as a scarf I bend it over and it looks like the neck of a chunky jumper under my coat. Super cosy!

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