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Valentine Frock – Part 2

For those of you who regularly read my blog, sorry for the confusion. I’ve not written Part 1 yet! (Part 1 will be about the 2 muslins I made prior to this one – pictures still required, post to follow.)

On Valentine’s Night we’re going out with 4 other couples to a dinner dance at the golf club. Dinner dance might sound a bit 80’s ish, but there’ll be great food, a soul singer and a cheap bar! What more could we ask for! …….A new frock of course!

After 2 separate muslin failures due to fitting issues I decided to give Lekala another try. I have used them before but not for ages.

My fabric is has a large bold pattern so my dress needs to have fairly simple lines.

lekala5891 7

I decided des to do away with the pockets. Maybe a year ago when I was a smoker I would have gone with the pockets for my ciggies, but 16 days it will be a year since I quit!!


So, this was my 3rd Muslim for my Valentines Night frock.  I was feeling fairly optimistic that it would fit me so used some blue floral cotton from my stash in the hope it would turnout ok and wearable as an everyday sort of casual dress (I’m thinking MMM 2015 and watching cricket in the sunshine).


lekala5891 1

Hooray for custom made sized patterns!

The only thing which was slightly off is the under bust seam.  It’s a little bit high and not so under bust!  I bought the same lekala pattern again (they are soo soo cheap you can do this!) and added an adjustment of low bust points.  I never thought I had low bust points but hey ho, it’s only between me and you!

lekala5891 2

The back a great fit though on the photo above it looks like there is excess fabric, but in real like it looks ok.  I inserted an invisible zip but can pull the finished dress on and upwards without the zip.  Hooray for slim hips, just a shame the tummy’s nearly the same size!

lekala5891 13

There was a lot of wastage when I cut my fabric out.  I was thinking of last weeks Sewing Bee as I was trying to pattern match.  It was near on impossible as there is no symmetry to the pattern, so I went with the big flowery bit landing in the middle of the back and the front.

lekala5891 15

The back was a bit trip as the there is a centre back seam which isn’t parallel to the grainline.

lekala5891 14

I did my best, took about 2 hours to cut out a few simple pieces and now all I can do is hope it’s ok, else I’ll be frantically going shopping on Saturday morning.

lekala5891 9 lekala5891 10

lekala5891 11

I was proud of myself for marking up my pattern pieces properly, taking my time and using dressmakers carbon paper and a tracing week.  So much more accurate, especially for darts.  The first time I had a go i spread all my different coloured sheets all under my pattern, but I’ve since learnt that it’s easier just to move it round a do a bit at a time. Doh!

I was on nights last night and another one to do tonight so today I’ve only just managed to made the straps.  Not sure if I’ll get chance tomorrow to do any more, if not it will be pedal to the metal on Friday and all systems go!

Have you got any Valentine sewing in the pipeline? I’ve just seen Thread Theory are having a little sale on their cosmos trunks and I’m wondering if I should download them and make my hubby a little pressie (or big in his case!!  haha…..lucky for me he doesn’t read my blog…. I hope!).

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  1. We’ll done on giving up the cigarettes! Deserves a new dress just to celebrate that 🙂 A dinner dance sounds lovely to me. We’ll be spending it with our in laws!?!

    • Thanks!
      We once went to the Lake District with my parents for valentines weekend, we spent the weekend in a youth hostel in bunk beds. Very romantic!! Well, not all weekend. We did get out n about too! 😃

  2. Ooooooo this is lovely! I always think you need a new dress for an occasion! Even a meet up!?!!!?? Have a great night xx

    • Thanks Amanda! Now that’s an idea, new frock for a meet up! Sorry I’ve not emailed you, I’ve been on nights this week so had a back to front few days. Was so tired last night but stayed awake to watch TGBSB. loved your clapper girl outfit. And your accent sounded a bit different, are you from near me originally? ✂️✂️✂️✂️

        • Arrrhhhhh…. Thought I detected a Yorkshire twang in there! You’re a Leeds loiner like me. I was originally from Bramley, but moved just outside of Leeds when I was 8. Live near the ikea now. ✂️

          • I’m often back in Beeston to see friends. The couple who bought my mannequin live in my old house there. We love The Mermaid! Haha so they often take us! Nothing beats Leeds fish and chips. I went to Abbey Grange but left leeds in 1984 and my family moved to Knaresborough and then up to Richmond. My son went to Leeds Met so it was great having even more excuses to go back. I love Leeds! If you are near IKEA you are definitely close enough for a blogger meet up!! Woo always wanted one of those! Haha x

    • Thanks, you need to have a go, they’re pdfs are quite easy to put together. And there’s quite a few free patterns to have a go with, but you don need to pay the extra 50p to add seam allowances, (unless you want to do it burdastyle!) so they’re not really free just very cheap!

  3. Huge pat on the back for quitting the evil weed! What’s the modern term for Dinner and Dance I wonder? We’re hosting a dinner party for Valentine’s Day – no parents allowed!

  4. Cant wait to see the final dress. I missed a trick on valentines sewing, I made a couple of pairs of Comox trunks for Hubby in the last couple of weeks but he already has them! Then again, as he’s convalescing at home at the moment I wouldn’t have been able to keep them secret.

    • Hope the hubby’s on the mend….has he managed to get out to get you a card or has he been creative and made you one?
      We’re having a romantic morning in bed…..watching cricket!! Not looking too good for England, but they’ve more chance of winning than I have of getting a Valentine’s card! ✂️

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